Which Hole Would You Like To Taste?

So thanks to the virus college is now out :'(

I am back home now for the summer and it’s sad I won’t be going back to college for ages. I live at my parent’s house, it’s been weird moving back here but it has to happen and it’s only temporary, which is what I keep reminding myself.

The thing is before we all got sent home I was really starting to discover myself, opening myself up to trying new things, and learning my body was one of those things.

I was masturbating virtually every single day, hooking up with different guys and girls, learning what I liked, and trying new things in bed like bondage. A guy I was hooking up with was seriously handy with rope and he loved using my tits, testing his skills on them.

But now I am back home, back to my old room, back with my parents but I am still horny.

Touching myself is a whole lot harder now, I have to worry about them hearing me (I am noisy), I have to worry about them maybe walking in on me, getting caught, and even finding one of my sex toys.

I felt seriously horny a few days ago and decided I was going to send some naughty pictures to an old hook-up of mine, let him know how much I missed his throbbing cock in my tight little college pussy. He loved the pictures and he even sent me some back, his cum all over his stomach as he blew his load to my pictures. When I received his pictures back I figured why not post them here? I love this site and I constantly masturbate to it so why not give you guys and girls a little taste of what I look like?

I haven’t let anyone inside of my ass yet, I have used just one of my fingers in there but it’s too tight and it hurts a little. Next semester was going to be when I let my tight little anus get used by a cock but I guess I will have to just keep testing with my fingers for now. All summer long.

All of the boys and girls that I have slept with all love my pussy, they tell me it’s tight, pink and seriously cute. I also am always wet so foreplay just makes things soaked.

I am intrigued to know…which hole would you use? Knowing what you know now about my ass? Would you be my first?

Luckily my parents didn’t catch me taking these pictures, they would freak if they did! Let’s keep this our dirty little secret where you tell which one of my tight holes you would go for first?

Katy <3

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