What my weekend looked like

My weekend was some people’s wet dreams, including my own. It was a lot of fun and I am fully aware of how lucky I am.

My girlfriend is bisexual, she likes girls as well as boys. She told me this when we first met and I told her I had absolutely no problem with it. Why would I?

My girlfriend is a very open person, as am I and luckily she soon opened up to me about a woman that she has been sleeping with on and off for some time now. She told me all about how they get along like best friends with the added bonus of occasionally fucking. This friend of hers is also bisexual and it was only natural that I asked to meet her, which I did and she was a great gal, very attractive too.

As my girlfriend told me all about what she and her BFF get up to, my boner grew harder and harder and I already felt the question brewing on my lips. Can we do something together? I asked, shyly. My girlfriend smiled and told me that she had been waiting for me to say that for some time now.

I get to watch my girlfriend fucking her best friend and sometimes I get to join in too, I suppose I am like a cuck but for females and I do get to sometimes get involved and last weekend she stayed over at our place and we got up to all sorts of fun that I captured for you.

They took a bath together and let me sit and watch them. They made out and soaped up one another’s bodies, which was hugely erotic for me.

Seeing them in there together was heavenly, they are both so hot. It definitely feels like a pinch-me moment because I am not ‘that dude’. I asked to see their asses and they did as I asked whilst giggling and making out with one another.

Her girlfriend is the one on the left, she is so gentle and kind but a complete badass in the bedroom. I love seeing my girl go down on her and lick up and down her pussy.

These two girls love to tease me, they know how much seeing them both together turns me on. They will caress one another, whisper sexual things to me, and when I look into my girlfriend’s eyes it’s as if lust and desire are driving her every move toward me and her girlfriend.

They continued like this for some time, wiggling their asses, touching one another, giggling, and making out. It wasn’t long though before it turned very sexual and they made their way out of the bath into our bed.

I followed them, soap suds still clinging to their bodies as she lay my girlfriend down, parted her legs, and began licking her out. My girlfriend’s skin was warm from the bath, her nipples relaxed, yet her body was trembling from the pleasure this woman was giving to her.

She could make my girlfriend cum in minutes, I just watched on in awe. As soon as my girlfriend had come, they began scissoring, their pussies rubbing up against one another, their clits rubbing each other, their moans filling the air. I began jerking my cock and my girlfriend asked me to join in. She lay her girlfriend down on her back, parted her legs, and began licking her out, her ass in the air, her legs spread and I entered her, looking straight into her girlfriend’s eyes.

I fucked her slowly at first as she licked her out but I soon began penetrating her harder and harder, making her lick her girlfriend’s pussy faster and harder too. Soon, she was coming and my cum was filling my girlfriend’s pussy, so much of it spilled out of her and it felt as if my orgasm was going to last forever.

Overall, it was an incredible weekend one I would like to repeat again and again. What did you get up to?

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