We Live With Another Couple And It’s Amazing (How It Began)

We met online, a popular early 00’s forum where you could find anything and anyone advertised. We were looking for a roommate to help us with the rent and stumbled across another couple looking for the same thing. A few clicks later and we were meeting up and before we all knew it, they were moving into our house and the U-haul truck was outside unpacking their furniture.

Luckily we all got along really well, the first few weeks were us all getting used to one another and co-habiting. Thankfully, it was as if we had all been friends for years and it got even better.

One afternoon I was sat at my desk when I heard Ruby (the girlfriend) heading into the shower, some time passed and when she left the bathroom she seemed to have forgotten her towel too. I looked straight at her, my mouth fell open as she smiled coyly and walked back to her room naked. Her body was flawless, she looked astounding and my cock thought so too as it began to grow hard inside of my pants. I didn’t know what to do with myself so I did what any red-blooded male would do in that situation, I locked my door and I watched some porn to get rid of this raging boner inside of my pants.

When my own girlfriend came home I figured I would keep it from her, I didn’t want things getting weird, I was sure it was an honest mistake.

That evening we were all hanging out in the living room when Ruby suggested a game of spin the bottle, a game I hadn’t played for years. It started off silly, dares of dancing like an idiot and truths of your worst habit but it soon turned sexual and before I knew it, my girlfriend was being dared to make out with Ruby. She didn’t hesitate, not wanting to be called a prude she leaned over and kissed Ruby, their soft, feminine lips colliding and dancing around one another. Both of them were enjoying it, getting carried away with the moment and as Grant (the boyfriend) and I watched them kissing my cock grew hard once again.

Seeing two women making out is never not going to turn me on and seeing my girlfriend all over a woman we lived with that I had seen naked just a few hours before was a real rush.

The next dare was for me to kiss Ruby. I hesitated but my girlfriend and Grant encouraged me, giggling as my girlfriend pushed me lightly towards Ruby. She climbed and straddled me before planting a kiss on my lips, I kissed her back and we began making out, she was a great kisser, and for a moment I forgot we weren’t alone. My cock was digging into her crotch as we made out when suddenly Ruby pulled away giggling and I was transported back to the real world.

Ruby went and sat back down next to her boyfriend Grant and my girlfriend nestled closer to me, she had a look in her eyes that told me instantly everything I needed to know, she was horny. We all acted as if nothing had happened, continuing with our game of truth or dare when Grant and Ruby began making out, heavily. It was so hot to watch them that I turned to my girlfriend and we began making out too, all four of us just kissing and heavy petting with our partners. I caressed my girlfriends perky tits and from the corner of my eye I watched Grant doing the same to Ruby, squeezing her beautiful round tits that I had seen in all their glory that very morning.

“Do you want another peek?”, Ruby suddenly said. I pulled away from my girlfriend’s lips, my eyes wide. “What’s this honey?”, my girlfriend said inquisitively. “I forgot my towel this morning”, Ruby giggled and my girlfriend laughed too. “Yeah, that’s happened to me before, hasn’t it Grant?”, my girlfriend said to him. My eyes were wide, he had seen my girlfriend naked too? This was fucking hot is all I could think, all sensible thoughts were out of the window. “I would love another peek Ruby”, I said, grinning, my girlfriend jokingly spanked my arm, biting her lip, eager to see where this was going.

Ruby got to her knees and began lifting her shirt slowly, first we got a glimpse of her adorable tanned torso, and slowly but surely her round tits dropped from under her tight shirt. I stared at them in awe. “They’re fantastic”, is all I could say. “My turn!”, my girlfriend suddenly said. I was too turned on to care. She got to her knees too and did the same movement as Ruby had, slowly pulling up her shirt before revealing her perky smaller than Ruby’s tits. Everyone stared and I watched as Grant rubbed subtly at his boner through his pants.

I made the next move as I grabbed my girlfriend’s tits in my hands, squeezing them softly and pulling gently on her erect nipples. Grant followed my lead and did the same to his girlfriend, both of our girls giggled and moaned softly as we fondled their tits. I pulled my girlfriend closer to me and we began making out and she rubbed at my cock, I glanced over at Grant and Ruby had already gotten his cock from his pants, it was about the same size as mine. My girlfriend did the same and began jerking me off as I rubbed at her tits.

My girlfriend pulled away and getting the other couple’s attention she said: “Would you like to see how wet I am?”, all of us nodded and my girlfriend pulled off her shorts and then her panties before spreading her legs and pussy lips, rubbing at her swollen clit. We all stared at her pussy, it was soaking wet and the small line of hair just above her pussy made it look even sexier. Ruby followed suit, pulling down her shorts too, her pussy was completely hair-free as she spread open her legs and showed us all the sticky wet mess between her pussy lips. She was soaked too, both of the girls had the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen.

“Why don’t you see who is wetter?”, Grant said to me. I glanced at both women, taking my left hand and running my two fingers over my girlfriend’s slit before pushing both insides of her, she moaned for me and I could see my fingers were glistening as I pulled them in and out of her. Next, I moved to Ruby’s pussy and did the same, running my fingers over her slit before pushing them inside of her, she moaned softly too and I watched as my fingers glistened and became coated in a sticky white film. Both were soaking but I gave Ruby the prize.

“I have an idea, I dare us all to see whose cock is bigger”, Ruby said. Grant and I glanced at one another before agreeing. I jerked myself off a little and the girls came over to me first, both inspected my cock, their lips, and mouths just inches from my cock. I twitched, desperate for either of them to touch me. Ruby looked in my eyes before inching her way closer and closer to my cock, I could feel her breath on my head, and then she delicately put out her tongue and slid it all the way down my shaft and back up again before swirling it lightly around the head. My girlfriend then did the same before looking at Ruby and making out with her, directly above my cock. The girls said nothing as they made their way over to Grant and did the same process. They whispered something to one another before declaring me the winner.

“OK…how about who has the tightest pussy?”, I said, completely unsure where my question came from. Grant agreed enthusiastically. We decided he would take my girlfriend first and I would enjoy Ruby. She slinked over to me and straddled me, completely naked, her body was just jaw-dropping. She kissed me and then my neck and my cock quivered at her touch, I glanced over at my girlfriend who was doing the same thing to Grant and he looked as if he had died and gone to heaven with her over there with him. Ruby suddenly grabbed my cock and began jerking me off before guiding me to her wet slit and gently guiding it inside of herself. Her opening was so tight, we had to go real slow to get it inside of her and when it was finally all the way in she began bouncing on my cock, riding me like a dildo and letting her warm breath tickle my ear as she moaned softly.

My cock felt so warm and tight inside of her, it was a different sensation to my girlfriend’s pussy. Ruby whispered in my ear: “Rub my clit”, I did as she asked and rubbed at her swollen clit as she was riding me, her moans getting louder. Ruby and my girlfriend’s moans filled the air and whenever I glanced over I could see how much fun she was having with Grant, his fingers digging into her back. Ruby was a sensational fuck, her pussy seamlessly enveloped my cock, and each time she bounced up and down I got to stare at her round tits that were right in my face, sucking and biting on them like an animal.

“I want you to cum in my mouth”, Ruby whispered in my ear, slowly climbing off me and laying down in front of me so that her face was level with my cock. She effortlessly began sucking me off, my head fell back, she was incredible. She licked herself from my cock and when I told her I was going to cum she sucked harder and faster, letting me shoot my load straight down her throat. My body trembled, it felt so good. I glanced over at my own girlfriend who was doing the same thing to Grant, she took his load down her throat and licked his cock all clean of any remnants.

As we all lay there, a thought floated into my head. Had the girls planned this all along?

But as Ruby lay back, ready for me to eat her pussy, I let that thought go, this was going to be fun.

I have loads more to share, after that evening swinging, wife swapping and foursomes were all a regular thing for us so if you want to read more about us four all living together and what we got up to after this leave a comment down below!


  1. thank you for sharing your story. I would love to hear more. this has been a dream of mine for years now and hearing your experience has made my cock twitch and cum harder than it has done in years

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