We Had Intense Dirty Hotel Sex With My Wife

My wife and I hadn’t been away on vacation on our own together for years. We never spent quality time together and to be quite frank with you, we hardly ever had sex. Birthdays, special occasions, and maybe just maybe the odd day out here and there. Our sex life was practically non-existent and I was watching far too much porn to make up for that.

My wife is still a very attractive woman, she just had no desire to be with me much and I missed that connection so badly, we used to have sensual sex, the kind of sex you wish you had filmed, the kind of sex that would make even the most uptight people hot under the collar.

We spoke about our bedroom problems and she opened up to me and told me quite frankly that she was bored. We spoke in great detail about what that meant and how we could fix that, I guess I had been feeling it too. We decided to open up our bedroom to someone new and try out a threesome, it took quite a lot for us to do it but we figured why not?

I missed her sweet pussy a lot so I found the right time and booked us a night away in a fancy hotel a couple of hours drive from our home.

She was excited the whole way there and I could feel the flame between us re-spark even when we were just driving in the car.

We got to our hotel, it smelt of freshly cut flowers. The bed linen was crisp and everything was just perfect. I had asked them to prepare us a bottle of something expensive in the room and it was there waiting for us.

My wife and I headed straight out to get a bite to eat and when we got back to the room, it all changed.

The Dirty Sex With My Wife

My wife went into the bathroom and took a shower, I never anticipated how great the events that were about to happen were going to be. She came out of the shower in her panties and smiled at me.

We lay down on the bed together, my heart was racing. We began making out, real kisses not the kisses that I was used too. Her tongue parting my lips, her hand disappearing from my neck and landing on my cock.

There was suddenly a soft knock on the door, I was so lost in the moment I had forgotten than we had organized some company. My wife stood up to open the door, still in her underwear as she ushered him in and we exchanged pleasantries before getting straight to it. He began kissing her before they both made their way to the soft hotel bed. It was hard seeing my wife with another man but just seeing how turned on and excited she was made it all worth it. He undressed her slowly, she was exposing every inch of herself to a new man and I knew that’s exactly what she wanted.

It was just like it used to be, we were desperate to touch one another. Her soft moans filling the sweet air and my fingers tracing the curves of her body and touching his from time to time. She moved her body down to my torso, smiling at me before taking my cock out of my pants, she took it into her mouth, using her tongue to tease my shaft just like she always had.

Closing her eyes and taking my entire cock, using her tongue to tease me and then popping the head of my cock in and out of her warm mouth. She knew I loved it when she played with my balls and she did just that, with my entire cock in her mouth she squeezed and held my balls and gently moved them around in her soft petite hands. He was on his knees behind her, licking at her sweet pussy and ass before standing up and entering her. I felt her shift forward as he pushed his way inside of her and suddenly her moans enveloped my cock and she was sucking me with even more enthusiasm than she had been before.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew I was going to cum so I pulled her up and took my cock from her mouth as he continued fucking her. I watched the scene before me and didn’t dare touch myself in fear of climaxing so soon.

Eventually, he pulled out of her and flipped her onto her back where I went down on her, she was so wet and she tasted slightly different, I guess having another mans cock inside of you does that. It had been ages since I had played with her clit but I just went for it, parting her red lips and sinking my mouth into her warm mound. She was already so wet but she was dripping after only a few minutes, she was moaning out loud now, her soft moans a stark contrast to the noise she was now making. I was so turned on and I didn’t care if the people in the next room could hear, in fact, it was turning me on more knowing they could hear us. He sucked on her tits and then she gave him a blowjob as I continued playing with her pussy. I could hear the guttural noises escaping her, the unintentional “HUK HUK HUK” as she took his thick cock.

She was cumming in my mouth before I knew it, her clit swollen and her pussy dripping wet.

My wife quickly got onto all fours and span round. She began teasing his cock inside of her, she was too tight. She pushed her body up against his and began thrusting him inside of her, I was just enjoying the view, wiping her cum from my lips when she began playing with her own nipple and I knew I needed to step up my game.

He then lay back and she straddled him, the hotel bed making a squeaking noise whenever he began pushing his cock fast into her but she didn’t seem to care.

She was so turned on, her pussy gripping onto his cock and I was trying so desperately hard not to cum just watching them. I played with her tits as they fucked, jerking my own cock. I couldn’t hold onto my orgasm any longer as I blew my load all over myself with her nipples still firmly between my teeth.

Her moans started loudly again and I knew he was going to blow, he didn’t even have time to tell her to stop making them sweet noises. He pulled out of her and used his hand to empty his throbbing penis onto her breasts. She bit her lip as he coated her in his warm cum, he squeezed his eyes shut and panted as he tried to recover himself.

We all collapsed next to one another before heading to the hotel bathroom for round two…


  1. I read this story to my wife and she came so hard to it.

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