Third Date With Sex Kitten From Fetlife (Update)

You can read about my first and second date with this little sex kitten. If you have been following my journey you will know that I am training her to be a submissive little slut.

She enjoys being told what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

I told her about the comments she had been receiving about her pictures and about my journey with her and she was really eager to please me once again and show you all what a great sub she is becoming. After I sent her home the last time she was now desperate for me to fuck her, she wanted to feel my cock inside of her and she wasn’t shy of telling me that.

I told her I still had to see how well she could pleasure me first, I wondered if the last time was just down to some luck. I needed to know if she had learned from anything I had told her.

I told her to get undressed and get on her knees.

I told her to start playing with my cock and if she did well, I may let her taste my cum, and then I maybe just maybe might fuck her or at least touch her pulsing, wet pussy.

This sex kitten did as she was told, taking my erect cock into her sweet mouth, doing exactly as I taught her last time.

She used her mouth to take almost my whole cock down her throat, I was proud of her, she was learning and improving. She pushed me harder into her than she did the last time, she was really trying to impress me which was cute.

She moved her hand to her pussy, wanting to play with herself, I told her ‘No’ sharply. She was only to get pleasure when I said so.

She took my cock deeper, using her entire mouth to please it, spluttering and gaging just like a porn star.

She treated my cock like it was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted, moaning, and salivating all over it. This was good, real good. I didn’t want her to get too big for her boots so I told her she had improved. I told her as a treat she could taste my cum.

I began cumming inside of her mouth, filling up her cheeks and throat with my cum. She took it down her throat like a pro and dribbled some of it out and back onto my cock.

She wiped the remainder from her lips with my cock and then licked it off again. She was treating my cum like it was the tastiest, sweetest thing she had ever tasted and I was impressed by this little submissive kitten.

I told her she had improved greatly but I still didn’t think she was ready for pleasure yet. She had to wait a few more days before I thought she was worth it.

I told her she looked great with my cum dripping down her chin, I told her she looked like the perfect submissive. I told her to go home, I had been fulfilled. She obliged like a good little sub.

If you enjoy this please let me know, I really enjoy sharing my photography and my adventure with this little submissive slut.


  1. have been following this since the start, you are a great teacher to this little sub whore.

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