The Time I Fucked A Married Man Whilst Camping

It’s one of our family traditions to go on a camping trip during the summer months. My family and I would hit the road for hours until we reached a camping site.

So there I was driving my own car with my sleeping bags in the backseat.  I told my parents that I would meet them at the site that had chosen. When I got there, it was already evening. After I got settled, I joined them around the campfire for dinner.

“Sweetheart, I want you to meet Mr. Ed Roberts and this is his son, Kurt. This is my lovely daughter, Claudia,” mom said as I sat down beside her. I said hi to Mr. Roberts and Kurt before taking a bite of mom’s barbecued chicken.

I looked at Kurt and was surprised he was looking at me, too. He smiled and I smiled back at him. He looked very handsome. I think we were almost the same age. He had light brown hair that matched his tan complexion, a gold wedding band on his ring finger glistened. He was wearing a body-hugging t-shirt that showed off his strong biceps and proud chest and a pair of shorts that barely hid his muscular legs. I could tell that he was checking me out too based on his flirtatious smile.

“Claudia, do you like the outdoors?” he asked, sitting down beside me.

“Yes, I do. This camping trip is a family tradition for us. I never dare miss it every year,” I said.

“Is this your first time in this camping site?” he asked.

“Yes, it is. How about you?”

He shook his head “I lost count already how many times we have been here. It’s very hot this time of the year so my wife won’t come with me, therefore my father decided to come along instead. You know, there’s a river just a few meters away, just behind those trees. Would you like to take a dip with me?” he asked, giving me that sexy smile again.

“Of course, that sounds great”, I said, feeling my shirt sticking to my back in the humidity of the evening, I was glad of the thought of some cool water. I told my parents that I’ll be taking a walk with Kurt and they didn’t even look up, lost in their conversation with Mr.Ed Robers, they just told us to enjoy ourselves.

Kurt and I talked about so many things, mostly about work. I found out that he’s an architect in Los Angeles. I told him I work for a real estate company. Soon, we found ourselves at the edge of the river. The water looked so inviting. Kurt took off his shirt and jumped into the water. I took off my top and shorts and joined him. It was dark so he couldn’t see me in my underwear but it still sent a thrill through my body.

We swam back and forth and when we got tired, we faced each other, breathless, and just like magic he pulled me close for a kiss. His lips felt soft on mine and at first, his mouth moved gently against mine but when I started kissing him back, he slipped his tongue inside my mouth for a deep French kiss.

He pulled me closer to his body and I felt his erection beneath the fabric of his shorts. He was rock hard. By now his hand was on top of my left breast, kneading it like dough. His lips left my mouth and were now trailing kisses at the side of my face and down to my neck. He whispered, “How about taking this somewhere more private?”

I nodded and we got out of the water. Despite being actually wet, I felt my pussy beginning to moisten. I was so aroused and I couldn’t believe how drawn I was to this man I had just met, especially knowing my parents weren’t far away. All I know is that I wanted him to take me right there and then. However, we didn’t want to get caught having sex in the water.

Kurt held my hand and guided me into the thick row of trees beyond the river. We left the trail and we were walking almost blindly in between them. The branches snapped underneath our feet and I almost stumbled on the roots. We didn’t bother putting on our clothes after we came out of the river and despite being almost naked, the warm summer night and my desire for this man stopped me from feeling cold.

Kurt and I stopped after a while. He put his shirt on the grass, just behind a gigantic tree. He took off his pants while I unclasped my bra and took off my thong. We were both naked as he guided me to lie down on the grass next to him. Our lips met once more as he positioned himself on top of me.

The sound of nocturnal animals mingled with our moans and groans as we shared hot, wet kisses. He pushed his slender fingers into my wet pussy, fingering me right there in the middle of the forest. It felt so good as he pushed his fingers in a way that made my knees tremble. He nudged me to spread my legs apart and as soon as I did, I felt the tip of his cock on the opening of my pussy. Kurt is so big, can I take him in? I didn’t wait for an answer because he slowly slipped his huge cock inside my wet pussy. I almost screamed out with delight.

He started pumping while his hand played with my nipple as his mouth sucked the other one like a hungry baby. I spread my legs more and wrapped them around his body. He then lifted my hips so he could thrust deeper inside me. He slowly pulled his manhood outside of my vagina and then plunged back in with one forceful push. This movement made me hotter and wilder. I pressed him deeper inside me with his every plunge.

A few seconds later he was pumping and humping like a rabbit faster and faster. The warm night air, the gentle rustling of the leaves, and the moonlight became the witness of our wild sex. I felt the tension starting to build from the center of my body and as it exploded inside me, I saw stars. I moaned so loud Kurt had to cover my mouth with his hand.

I was still recovering from the aftershock of my orgasm when he started to pound me harder again. We didn’t use protection so just before he came, he withdrew and asked me to open my mouth. There he deposited his warm and creamy semen. I swallowed everything and enjoyed the bittersweet taste of his cum in my mouth.

We rested for a while before going back to the camp site.

“How was the river?” my mom asked when we emerged into the camp.

“Oh, it was so beautiful. We took a quick dip and decided to come back here. Kurt and I will go back there again in the morning,” I said.

I looked at Kurt and we exchanged smiles. “You bet, we will,” he agreed.


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