The Second Hookup With My Sex Kitten From Fetlife

I sent in a story a week ago about one of my current hookups on Fetlife (part 1).

Since then we've met a few more times and we're really progressing on turning her into the ultimate submissive.

We are just hooking up, there are no feelings there. She has a boyfriend who knows what we do and I love playing with her. The only thing I have promised is that whilst training her I have vowed to only play with her submissively and cut out my other subs for a while because this little kitten requires my full attention.

If you didn't realise, she has a submissive kink and loves being used.

I, however, enjoy making her wait, so until she gives me the perfect blowjob, no sex or orgasms for her. She needs to learn.

So, she's back and mine today for some practice.

She has an amazing body and she just comes to my house and gets naked without even a word being spoken.

She asked again if today would be the day I went inside her.

I told her that just for asking meant she had to wait another day.

And then I just unzipped my trousers and made her get my cock out.

She teased me for a few minutes and tried to get me to fuck her.

I was having none of it, so she put me in her mouth.

Last time I gave her some notes on how to do better and I was about to see if she'd learned anything.

Already a second in and I could tell she had read and studied my notes, she sucked my cock and massaged it with both her hands at the same time.

She then played with the tip, I could feel her warm wet tongue flicking side to side.

She started playing with her soft boobs and began moaning. She did show me how wet she was with her fingers and it was crazy, she was dripping.

She then wanted to show me her deep throating skills.

The last time she could barely get a few inches of me in her mouth and this time I went a little harder and tried to stretch things out a little.

She went from the above to this and I was so proud.

She almost had all of my 8-inch cock inside her mouth, I could feel her throat caressing my cock, and then she repeated this for 5 minutes.

She was moaning as she was doing it. I think the weeks of not fucking and her need for my dick was growing.

I knew this would happen, that's why I didn't want to fuck her, I knew that the longer I made her wait, the better she would get and the more open and submissive she would become.

A few deep thrusts later and I could feel myself about to cum.

Now, she's not at the level where I would cum in her mouth, she knows she doesn't deserve it, and as I cum she slowly pulls me out of her mouth and lets me cover her breasts with my jizz.

It was a big amount, I'd been saving it just for her.

She then cleaned me off with her mouth, she put her bra and clothes back on without washing any of my jizz off and I sent her on her way.

We're going to meet again and I've given her a few tasks she has to do, most involving sex toys.

I'm having fun sharing these experiences and it gives me a place to share my photography, so I'll upload the next part as soon as it happens.

If you have any ideas on how I could train her, let me know. She's open to anything, she loves voyeurism, domination, and being a sub and we're going to be training some size play sex toys soon.

You can see Part 3 by clicking here.

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