The Moment AFTER I Became A Hotwife – Part 2

Make sure to read Part 1 which was the moment before I became a hotwife for the first time. The car pulled up and there was a knock on the door. My husband answered it as I stood waiting. He entered the room and greeted us both, he was really attractive and a really nice guy too. He shook my husband’s hand and accepted a drink and we all got talking, I was really attracted to him but I was incredibly nervous about what lay ahead. How was I supposed to make a move? Would my husband stay? Did he even find me attractive?

After an hour or so talk turned sexual and we spoke again about what we all wanted from this meeting and my husband asked us both if it was okay if he stayed and took some memorable pictures. We were both completely fine with it and I was happy my husband really was staying to watch, he made me more comfortable and it was super hot.

An awkward few kisses ensued and then we began really making out, my pussy fluttered with the thrill, having my husband’s eyes on us made it even better. Kissing another man for the first time in years felt exciting and a little strange but as I felt his body under my fingertips I soon began to relax.

Unexpectedly things got hot and heavy fast. My fantasy of being with another man was finally becoming a reality and my body was just succumbing to this man’s every touch.

As he removed my bra and saw my tits for the first time he marveled about how cute they were, he loved them. My husband confirmed that they were great tits and my new friend set about sucking and playing with them, which felt absolutely amazing for me.

I couldn’t help but let go and start to moan, this man’s tongue and lips felt heavenly around my sensitive nipples. I could feel my pussy fluttering with each lick and stroke and as I glanced at my husband I could see in his eyes just how turned on he was too.

It felt wrong yet utterly delightful as he played with my body, focusing on my tits. My husband knows how much I love nipple play so he would know just how turned on I was having this done to me by a stranger.

He slowly pulled off my panties, I was suddenly nervous about him seeing my pussy, nobody aside from my husband had seen it for years. I went to close my legs when he stopped me, once again marveling at the beauty of it and having my husband confirm just how pretty it was.

My confidence skyrocketed at his honest compliments and he went down on me, my husband had mentioned how tight I was. I moaned instantly, his tongue felt incredible between my legs, he licked and sucked on my throbbing clit and pushed his tongue inside of me. I was so turned on.

“Show your new friend just how you can suck cock darling”, my husband suddenly said. Happy for his horny input I got to my knees and began sucking on my new friend’s fat cock.

It felt so different to my husband’s and I wanted to show off just how much I enjoy sucking on a meaty cock.

My new friend moaned, brushing my hair with his hands as I took his thick cock into my throat and drooled and choked all over it.

“That’s it darling, just like that”, I heard my husband say. He was enjoying this moment as much as I was and I was so happy.

I used all of my best blowjob tricks on his cock and it was working, his eyes were squeezed shut and I could feel his cock growing bigger and bigger with each lick and suck.

I love giving blowjobs, I would keep a cock warm in my mouth all day long if it was up to me.

“I think it’s time you fucked my beautiful wife, don’t you?”, my husband said to us.

I was excited, my pussy was wet and aroused, ready to be fucked by a completely new cock, after only having my husband for years.

I straddled him and slowly slipped him inside of me, we locked eyes with one another as his cock slid deep into my womb.

I began riding him slowly and it felt so good. We both moaned softly and as I increased my thrusts against his cock our moans became louder and louder, panting heavily as my husband watched on.

Soon he took control and we began fucking harder. At first, I didn’t want to moan as loudly but I couldn’t help myself, he knew how to use his thick cock and my pussy was eating it up.

“You look amazing”, my husband said. Breathless I smiled at him.

“Your wife is so tight”, my new friend said to my husband, squeezing my breasts and gripping my ass cheeks. My husband agreed, not taking his eyes off of us.

We changed into doggystyle, I faced my husband, moaning with each thrust inside of me, my mouth open, breathing heavily. My new friend’s cock reached the very end of me, he got so deep. I bit my lip not wanting my husband to get jealous but I couldn’t keep my loud cries in.

Later on, my husband told me it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen in his life.

My clit was begging to be touched and as he thrust himself into me I could feel his pubic bone brushing against my clit and it was making my pussy pulsate with pleasure and delight.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I gained confidence with my new friend, having a supportive husband and a fantasy that was becoming a reality really helped.

Biting my lip afterward I said: “I want your cum all over my pretty face” to my new friend. Swirling my tongue around the head of his thick cock.

He did as I asked, I got to my knees and began sucking him off before he announced he was going to cum. I jerked his cock and he exploded all over my face.

I took his load all over my lips and mouth, some even reaching under my eyes. It was heavenly. It smelt and tasted different from my husband’s but it was extraordinary and I loved every second of it.

“Wow”, is all my husband could say as I cleaned my new friend’s cock off.

Afterward, he told me he had never seen anything so incredible in his entire life, he said he would be happy to do it a million times over, as long as he could watch like that again. I agreed, I loved having him there seeing me getting fucked and enjoyed by another man.

So, there you have it! I am now officially a hotwife and I cannot wait for the adventures that await.

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