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My Wife’s Last Boyfriend

The wife openly told me everything there was to know about her last boyfriend when I enquired.

Should I Leave?

This is getting way under my skin and I need some advice. My name is Todd, and I’ve been a cuckold for the past 2 years.

Hotwife Dares (Week Fifteen)

Every week we are going to be releasing 7 new hotwife video dares.

We Got Carried Away In The Sex Club

Maddie reached up to fix her shiny black curls, looking at herself in the mirror. She gave her hair one last spritz of hairspray. Anthony came down the hallway, already ready to go.

He Seduced My Wife Into Fulfilling My Fantasy

“So let me get this straight. You get off on watching another man fuck your wife,” Sean said, his voice sounding shocked. “I mean, how, Max? I don’t understand. Whatever floats your boat, but man..”

Hotwife Dares (Week Fourteen)

Every week we are going to be releasing 7 new hotwife video dares.

I Made My Husband Watch Me Fucking Another Man

It started innocently enough, I had to sit my husband Stanely down to talk about some pornography I had caught him with on the computer, a lot of cuck porn, to which he initially denied.

My Wife Fucked My Bestie Whilst On A Break (Advice Needed)

For a while now I’ve known my wife has slept with my best friend whilst the two of us have been together.

My Vixen Girl Serviced Another Man Under My Watchful Gaze

My gorgeous girlfriend has a delightful sex drive and luckily we are really compatible in that way.

I Was Locked In Chastity Whilst She Fucked Another Man

My wife locked me up in chastity, my cock confined to my metal cage moments after she pressed send on a text telling her hung bull to come over and fuck her brains out.

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