She Wants To Know What You Would Do To Her


Location: Chicago.

Age: N/A

Relationship: Hotwife/Cuckold relationship.

Previous Submissions: None.

Bio: My kinky hotwife loves to tease me all the time. Flashing me as she walks up the stairs, making me late for work every day with her tremendous body. I love seeing her with other men (and women) and I wanted to share her with you. Thoughts?

This was a Tuesday afternoon, I'm a lucky man. What are your thoughts on her?

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  1. she is incredible, you are very lucky. Do you pound her on the stairs when she does that to you?

  2. would love to fuck her tight ass as you fuck her pssy.

  3. I would have her round when my wife wasn’t there and fuck her right there on the stairs, just like you did. Except I wouldn’t let her pussy or her ass go to waste, I fuck both holes until my balls were empty and she was screaming my name.

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