She Isn’t My Wife

It’s true. She isn’t my wife.

In fact, she’s not even married but she is in fact somebody’s girlfriend, a long-term girlfriend and just to be clear on things, she isn’t mine.

Her boyfriend and she approached me online, they liked the look of my cock and they wanted her to take it for a test drive. I had done this before but only with women who were cheating on their husbands, not with women whose partners were encouraging and enthusiastic about it.

At first, I thought they were just getting off on the idea, I didn’t think they actually truly wanted to do it but I was so wrong and before I knew it we had organized a day, a time and it was really happening. Her boyfriend wasn’t going to be present but he wanted picture proof of it all which I wasn’t opposed to. We spoke over Facetime a few times before meeting and eventually, the day rolled around and she was knocking on my door.

She looked even more attractive in real life, I mean her online pictures were hot but seeing her in the flesh made her really real and it really struck me what a sensational body she had.

We wasted no time in getting undressed and getting down to it, she had done this all before, which made it a lot easier. Seeing her body was phenomenal, she looked amazing, and luckily my cock was instantly erect. She handed me her phone with the camera app already open and well, here is what happened.

She took my cock into her mouth and kept the most seductive eye-contact with me, she wasn’t even flinching as she took me down her throat and back up again. All of her focus was on my cock.

I was focusing so hard on not cumming, this woman was seriously hot, my cock in her mouth, her naked body in front of me. I squeezed her breasts, all-natural and soft, just how I like it.

Seeing my cock disappear into her soft mouth was making my eyes roll back into my head, the way she looked at me as if to say “You’re so weak”, was just all too much.

I kept thinking of her boyfriend as I took the pictures, aware he would be scrolling through these later on that day. Seeing his girlfriend with my cock down her throat and around her mouth, would he be okay with that?

I felt my orgasm coming out of nowhere, she did things with her tongue that I have never felt before, I tried to tell her to stop but the words wouldn’t come out and with that my jizz poured out of me, it seemed never-ending as it filled her mouth right up.

She swallowed what hit the back of her throat but allowed some more to dribble down onto her chin, she licked at it with her fingers before smiling at me and encouraging me to take some more photos.

She licked it all off from around her mouth with her tongue, I had never seen any woman do this in my life. I stared at her and she thanked me, she got dressed and left. I just sat down on my couch, still completely naked just taking what just happened when my phone chimed and these pictures came through along with a thank you and a big heart emoji.

I hope she texts me again, I can’t go my whole life not feeling her tongue around my cock ever again.

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