We Decided To Take Some Naughty Pics

My name is Holly and I have been trying to find excuses all day of reasons as to why I shouldn’t be showing you these pictures. I have been through every scenario and I have decided against more times than I can count but finally, I have relaxed, my boyfriend is here and I am ready to share with you the pictures that we took on our romantic getaway.

These pictures were just meant for us, but fuck it! I love this membership and I want to share myself with you all.

I’m 26, I work in a very well-known coffee shop and I love it there. My boyfriend is a little bit older than me and he has been married. We have been an item for around a year now, things moved pretty quickly between us and although we haven’t moved in together yet, we spend a lot of time together.

Taking naughty pictures started as just a fun thing to do but my boyfriend soon opened up to me about his kink for sexual photography and capturing the female form at its most intimate moments. He takes it very seriously and loves photographing my body, he loves getting naked himself and just snapping away at me. It’s like being a part of some 1950’s love affair sometimes!

I love it when he photographs me masturbating, you will see some of them below. It feels so freeing and it makes his prick so hard.

I’m a very openly sexual woman, I am open-minded and not afraid of my own body, however, I have to keep this from everyone aside from my lovers. One of my favorite things to do for my boyfriend at the minute is to take naughty pictures whilst at work, I usually head into the staff restroom and take some boob selfies or get some pictures of my ass for him. He loves seeing that little logo on my shirt, my name badge in place, and see just how naughty I am behind my managers and co-workers back.

I know my manager would love to see those pictures though, he would practically cream his pants. He always stares at me and there’s actually a good chance he is inside of this membership so if you’re here, hey! lol

My favorite things in the bedroom are light BDSM, restraints, spanking, roleplay, squirting orgasms and I love oral sex. The kinkiest thing I have ever done is fuck my dad’s best friend. He came onto me one evening and I thought he was hot, I was horny and it just sort of happened. It gave me such an adrenaline rush and I felt so naughty afterward. My dad obviously never found out but we actually fucked a few times, in his car and at my house when my dad wasn’t home. He was actually a pretty great guy and anything I did would blow him away, he was fascinated by my body and liked to do some pretty freaky shit. He was into spanking, he liked to tell me what a bad girl I was (which I very much enjoyed), he liked to suck my toes and worship my feet and he liked me to pretend his prick was too big to fit inside of me. It all came to a halt when his wife got back with him and even now I still see him from time to time at my dad’s place and I like to tease him with the odd brush across his crotch, skimpy dress or seductive look. I have no doubt that he jerks off thinking about me still.

Below I have left all of the pictures my boyfriend took that night so if you like them let me know and I might just post some more. Please be kind.

Holly <3

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  1. Who couldn’t be kind? You are very sexy and I would be honored to suck on your tits whilst a bigger man fucks your asshole

  2. Your bf is very lucky, so was your dads best friend. May we see more of that scrumptious pussy?

  3. I can imagine you opening those legs up to me, teasing me with your pussy as we sit in a crowded room. Knowing I can’t do anything, it urges you to continue and drive me wild.

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