Sharing My Wife (First-time Swingers Part 2)

You may remember we posted a while back (see part 1 here) and in that submission, we were curious about swinging and wife sharing. We had no idea where to start or what we were letting ourselves in for and we had a lot to think about. Once we uploaded our pictures and read some of your feedback it was certain in our minds that swinging/wife swapping was the thing for us and we needed to try it. You only live once right?. We took the plunge, we set up online dates, and eventually, we arranged a meeting with a man who had done it all before and was excited to start us off into our journey.

It was scary, nerve-racking and we were both filled with anxiety and guilt in the moments leading up to it but the pleasure and excitement outweighed all of the emotions during the meeting with this man. Afterward, he had left was a different story but I will get into that later on.

We met him at our place, he was only a few years older than my wife but he had been doing this for years. He was a really great guy, one I could be friends with if he wasn’t fucking my wife I suppose.

He was really cool with me watching and encouraged me to touch myself and join in if I felt like it. I didn’t realize that perhaps it was the watching that got me off more than the participating. My wife really liked him too, she found him really attractive and not intimidating at all, which was key for us and sharing. He explained everything to us, made sure we knew what we wanted, he wanted our sexual fantasies to come true in the best way possible and he catered to our every desire.

I asked him if he was okay with me taking pictures and he was, in fact, he encouraged me, telling me that we may want to look back at these pictures forever.

I waited until they were both comfortable before I started taking them, I didn’t want them to feel as if they had to perform or be self-conscious about the camera.

Seeing my wife take full-control was a massive turn on, she was doing what her instincts told her to do and I hoped she would use him as a toy as she does to me. I wanted him to feel that pleasure.

My wife straddled him, letting him feel her soft, feminine figure, allowing him to take her all in.

I could see with my own two eyes just how turned on my wife was and it was clear that the guilt and anxiety she had felt before were completely gone and her main focus now was fulfilling a fantasy.

Seeing her like this blew my mind, this man had turned her on marginally and she was not holding back. My cock was growing harder and harder as I watched them get it on.

She whispered something into his ear, something along the lines of “Touch my tight pussy” and he slid his fingers between her legs and began fingering her.

She moaned into the cushions behind his head as he slid two fingers in and out of her.

I watched on in utter astonishment, this was like being in a porno for me, just watching from the sidelines.

I was excited for him to get inside of my wife’s pussy, I wanted him to feel how tight and soft it was but she had other plans first.

Getting to her knees she took his cock from his pants and began jerking him off, her pert breasts resting on her chest, her pink soft nipples turned upward.

Watching her do this to another man was a pinch-me moment, I couldn’t get over how confident she was and how good she looked.

I wanted to join in, reach out and touch her breasts but I knew that sitting back and getting off on the view was what I really wanted.

She began sucking his cock, pushing just the tip of his cock into her mouth, her ass in the air, every instinct within me wanting to just get behind her and start fucking her with my now very erect and quivering cock.

She devoured his cock, yet she did it slowly and tantalizingly. I could hear her slurps as she leisurely tasted every inch of him.

I handed my phone to him, I wanted some shots from his angle, he obliged, his mouth open from the satisfaction he was feeling.

He began concentrating on taking the pictures, using his free hand to caress my wife’s head as she deliberately sucked on his cock unhurriedly, making him yearn for her even more.

My wife’s eyes were misty with lust, she was the star of this show and she was enjoying every second as much as we were.

She opened her soft mouth, showing us his pre-cum swirled over the head of his cock and dripping onto her tongue.

It was clear he had never had his cock sucked so good, he couldn’t handle how well she used her small mouth.

I took the phone from him again, I wanted a shot of her from behind. Seeing her ass in the air like that made my own pre-cum begin to drip into my pants.

Seeing the healthiest, prettiest pussy I had ever seen, I knew this guy was going to have a ball once he got inside of her.

Do you have any advice for us swinging newbies?


  1. Fantastic submission. My only advice would be keep on having fun and exploring, you are seriously cut out for this

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