Sharing my slutwife with a stud – part 2

You can read all about how we got here in part 1.

It was time for this stud to feel inside my wife for the first time, I masturbated watching as he flicked at her clitoris with his tongue before spreading her legs and pressing his cock against her. She wiggled and bucked, desperate for him to fuck her and he just waited, teasing her now.

He finally couldn’t take it anymore and he slowly edged his cock inside of her, gripping onto her legs and letting out groans as he did so. My wife laying back, let his cock fill her up and she bit her lip before squeezing her breasts for extra stimulation. I knew what he would be feeling right then, a tight, warm pussy around his sensitive cock, my wife would be using her kegel muscles to squeeze and stimulate his entire shaft making it impossible for him to concentrate on anything but not coming.

He fucked my wife slowly at first, making her let out little whimpers before using his hips and building up his speed. My wife likes it fast so she began to gasp, letting out loud groans of pleasure for him.

I watched on as they fucked passionately, his cock sliding in and out of her tight bald pussy. My wife used her hips to buck back and forth, urging him to fuck her harder and faster.

They had been fucking for a while now, I wondered when he was going to blow. Just as I thought it, he pulled off the condom and began touching his cock before spilling his entire load all over my wife’s tits.

She cleaned him up, I asked her too. She made sure there was nothing left on his magnificent cock as she lay there, his cum drying on her bare chest.

Once he was well and truly empty she thought he was going to leave but he surprised us both by getting to his knees, spreading her legs, and going down on her. I could still see his cum on her tits as he buried his head between her legs and she began to gasp and moan, gripping onto his hair and her legs beginning to shake.

I could hear how wet she was from the noise his tongue was making on her pussy, he must have been very good because she was trembling in a way I had never seen. She had her eyes closed, she had been transported into a whole new world of pleasure and thrills.

As her knees shook and her nipples stood on end, she began to cum, his fingers pulled quickly out fo her as she squirted her cum out onto the sheets, his tongue still playing with her clit. She let out screams of pleasure as he brought her to orgasm and then back down again. When she finally gently pushed him away, his lips and chin were coated in her juices, the sheets beneath him were soaked through and my wife’s pussy was leaking with her own creamy liquid. It was incredible and I can’t wait for him to come around again and fuck her.

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