Sharing my slutwife with a stud – Part 1

My wife and I are big fans of wife swapping. I brought the idea up to her a few years ago now and expected it to be shot straight back down but she was intrigued by the idea and even warmed to it virtually instantly. It took us some time to actually go and try it out but once we did and we tasted that sweet freedom that wife-swapping permeates and gives to you, there was no looking back.

We found a lot of happiness in wife-swapping and although we have had some mishaps and a few creeps along the way, we now consider ourselves pretty good at it and we love the options it gives us.

Recently we have been doing wife-swapping with a bit of a twist, my wife has been enjoying the ‘husband’, his wife off with someone else and I get to just sit back and enjoy the show. I guess it’s like cuckolding but we aren’t into labels, just fun.

Seeing these men enjoying my wife and exploring her sensational body sets off fireworks inside of my cock, it’s electrifying and energizing watching them fuck and the photos I am sharing with you today are from when my wife fucked one of the most handsome men we have ever met at one of the parties that we attend.

They instantly hit it off, his ‘wife’ was in another room with some other couples and he came and joined us. Talking at these types of things is normal but he and my wife had some serious chemistry. We all fooled around for a while (no sex), my wife got his number, and to cut a long story short, we decided to set up this date so that he could fuck my wife and I could sit back and take it all in.

Their chemistry was obvious as soon as he walked in and they wasted no time in getting undressed and getting down to it, much to my delight as I sat back and relaxed.

He explored her body more sensually than the first time that they had met, he took in every inch and made her quiver each time he passed over her thighs, neck, or nipples.

Seeing my wife blowing him was amazing, hearing her slurps and her moans as she took his big cock down her throat. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

He thought my wife’s body was incredible. They had been texting before this meet and he had told her how he couldn’t stop thinking about it and how much he just wanted to feel her pussy, my wife loved the compliments but also loved to tease him, making him wait.

The condom was on and once my wife was done making the poor guy beg, it was time for them to fuck and I just couldn’t wait. This was better than being at a special event, we had more freedom and we could relax more knowing nobody could bother us.

I am going to do another submission soon where you will be able to see part 2.


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