Sharing My Shy Girlfriends Nudes (My Full Collection)

My girlfriend is so shy and even getting her naked in front of me can sometimes be a chore. However, she wanted a way to show off for you and I wanted to share her with others like me.

She just isn’t confident in the bedroom until I really get her going and luckily for me, she had seen something online about couples taking intimate pictures with their partner and she wanted to try it out. I was game for it as soon as she mentioned it but it took her a few hours to build up the courage.

The strange thing is, once she is horny and relaxed, she becomes turned on by exhibitionism and so sharing these photos is going to turn her on like never before and for me to be able to share my girlfriend with you, now that’s a whole other level of a turn on.

Getting her to take her shirt off was the first hurdle, once she did that she slowly became a little more confident and well, the rest followed. It took ages to get these pictures so I hope that you enjoy them.

I didn’t include the pictures of her taking her shirt off, I figured you wanted to see her body, not an oversized shirt coming off. She was really enjoying me taking these, opening her legs, and then giggling and closing them shut whenever I took the photo.

I love seeing my girlfriend naked, I wish more than anything that she was more confident and we could take more pictures like these.

My girlfriend enjoys sex but we only do it once every two weeks, that’s fine for me because I like reading the submissions and stories here, they get me off. Now my own girlfriend is on here, I hope I can aid others in getting that O.

This is when my girlfriend really started letting go, she was loving the attention she was getting from me and she could see how hard she was making me.

She was teasing me, pushing her finger into her little pussy, and playing with herself through her jean shorts.

If I could have ripped her jean shorts off there and then I would have. Seeing her pussy lips poking out from the side of her shorts was enough to make me want to cum everywhere.

Getting her to take her jean shorts off was another task, I didn’t include them pictures because I want to show you the good stuff.

How cute is her ass? I wish she let me play with it more. How would you fuck her? Bent over the bed in doggy or in missionary? I love missionary because I love seeing her tits bounce up and down.

I am not ashamed to say this is my wallpaper on my laptop. All I want to do when I see it is move her panties to one side and bury my tongue inside of her.

My girlfriend won’t let me near her ass, she was teasing me in this picture telling me she could feel it under her fingers.

My girlfriend had really started to loosen up at this point, I could tell she was getting horny which excited me so much.

Her freshly shaven pussy exposed and I was practically dribbling from my mouth and my cock. She was playing with herself for the camera, only slightly before enough for me to see her juices coating her panties and finger.

She touched her clit and smiled as the photos were being taken, getting lost in the moment of pleasuring herself. She masturbates quite a lot, I wish I could see it more. On another note, how incredible are her tits?

She told me I could take these pictures but not touch, what kind of torture is that?

Her tits are the first thing I noticed about her when we met. She was wearing no bra under her tank top, her nipples softly poking through, I wish she still did that now.

I love sucking hard on her nipples, biting them a little and having her tell me off. How can I resist though?

Would you suck her tits whilst I fucked her from behind? She likes them to be played with rough when she lets me play with them.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I told her I was so horny watching her in the pictures. She told me she wasn’t going to have sex but she would give me a blowjob, I jumped at the chance, it isn’t often she does this. I think the camera really was opening her up.

I should have blurred out her face but look at her eyes, she takes my cock so well into her mouth, slowly but professionally. I had to put the camera down after this, I was about to cum. I did cum, she pulled me out of her mouth and let me cum all over myself.

What are your thoughts on her?


  1. Just keep on bringing her out of he shell, she’s beautiful and a real treat, let her know how hard os many peole are for her too.

  2. Ditto! Keep treating like the Goddess she is and persist with bringing her out of her shell.

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