Sharing My Girlfriends Private Photos (Thoughts?)

Seeing them private photos that nobody else is supposed to see between couples really gets me riled up and I figured why not show you and share with you, my girlfriend? She is a hotwife and I am a cuck and since there haven’t been any events on in our area for quite some time I thought why not share my wife digitally instead?

My girlfriend has amazing tits, her nipples stick out and look insane under t-shirts when she isn’t wearing a bra, she goes out and I love seeing everyone staring and glancing at her tits.

I love sucking on her nipples and feeling them as I glide my tongue across them. She likes to tease this cuck with her tits, playing with them and watching me as my jaw hangs open. She drives me wild and she knows it.

She was wearing a little pink thong that she peeled off, exposing her sweet little ass and pussy. She was grinning from ear to ear as I took these photos, she told me she was going to cum for the camera and that I wasn’t allowed to join in and she began running her hands across her body.

I asked her to open her legs for me so that I could see that sweet pussy and she did so, teasing me with it. She has the best pussy I have ever fucked and when I speak to her bulls they say the same thing. Seeing her play with it was not just making me jealous but was making my cock twitch with want.

She was teasing me, pinching at her long nipples, rubbing her hands all over her pussy, and biting her lip. I could see how turned on and wet she was becoming, she dipped just one finger into her pussy and it came out glistening with her juices.

I got a close up of her playing with her nipple as she fucked her pussy, she was loving the attention, moaning and telling me just how much she wanted to fuck a big fat cock.

I was so desperate to reach out and just grab her tits and pinch at her nipples before roughly spreading her legs and pushing myself inside of her tight wet pussy but I knew I had to restrain myself, I am a cuck and at the moment her pussy is waiting for her bull.

She got to her knees and began playing with herself from behind. Could you just watch on like me? or would you have to get involved?

My girlfriend was playing with her clitoris furiously, she was bouncing up and down rubbing her clit and fucking herself with her fingers all whilst posing for my camera.

I love this picture of her, I can always envision her on her bull’s cock riding him and bouncing up and down, playing with her clit until she cums all over his thick shaft. I watched on as she pleased her own body, driving me wild and finger fucking herself into a frenzy.

This photo was taken as she was creating a wet patch beneath her on the bed, her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, they were glistening wet and I knew she could cum at any moment.

I could cum just watching her getting back onto all fours, opening up her pussy and ass to me.

My girlfriend was playing directly with her clit, her pussy hole was staring at me in the face, begging me to get inside but I kept my cool.

I love watching her guide her fingers inside of herself. She was really going for it now and I knew she was on the edge of an orgasm. She was moaning, her entire body had tensed up and pussy was soaking wet.

She fucked herself hard and then all of sudden she began to cum, whilst in this position, her entire pussy was on show to me and I watched as her cum spilled from her tight pussy and dripped down her legs and onto the sheets.

I hope you enjoyed watching my girlfriend cum, she is going to be so pleased to see herself here. I am going to send these to her bull too.

Would you be able to resist fucking her?


  1. My husband wopuld love to devour her beautiful pussy

  2. No, i would never be able to resist and I would like to try both holes pls

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