Sharing My Girlfriend In Her Cute Bikini

I like to share my girlfriend with other men, what can I say? I enjoy being a 'cuckold' or in an open relationship, whatever you call it, I enjoy her getting off with men who aren't me and reporting back to me with her experiences. I enjoy knowing she is banging someone else whilst I am stuck taking pictures or in the corner of the room.

This was the text conversation between her and her bull the day before they met:

I know it's not for everyone but it's our thing and we both love it. I was lucky enough to find a woman who understands my kink, she was really open to it and she has been the perfect fit for me as we discovered and explored together.

I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I got from my girlfriend, they are some of my favorite pictures and I'll admit I have jerked off to them more times than I can remember. I also got a video of this whole meeting but I will only share that if you want it.

She was with one of her bulls when I took these and filmed their meeting and I chose the bikini she was going to wear (her bull has a kink for bikinis), I made sure to pick out the cutest, most revealing one and it went down a treat.

My girlfriend is in her early twenties, she had a few boyfriends before me but she had never dived into this weird and wonderful world before, she discovered her kink with me, which was an incredible moment for us both.

Before her bull arrived I took this shot of her, I love seeing her tits and when I bull did finally make her remove her bikini, revealing her small perfect breasts, he groaned in desire for them. They were still puffy in this picture but you will see they grow harder and more erect as she becomes more aroused.

His cock is bigger than mine and she struggles to blow him, gagging and spluttering whenever he pushes it too far down her throat.

Her bull turned to me as I got this shot and he said: "Your girlfriend loves the taste of my cock bro" and I am not ashamed to say it made me always nut in my pants.

Seeing my girlfriend take his cock like that was like watching a different woman, she was ready to be fucked as she licked at his thick cock.

Her nipples had grown harder since he had first arrived and made her get naked, she was more aroused, her body getting ready to be railed by her bull.

Hearing the sounds of her sucking his cock and looking at me as she did so was an image I will never get tired of.

Watching them made me insanely jealous but that's the beauty of it for me. Feeling my cock growing harder as my girlfriend pleasures another man.

Her bull was gagging to bang her, his cock coated in her spit, her pussy soaking wet, ready for her big bull. I just had to stand back and capture it all, taking it all in.

She got onto all fours and he slid himself inside of her waiting wet pussy. I could hear the squelching noises as he thrust inside of her, demonstrating how wet she was.

I captured a wonderful shot as he fucked her, her face buried in the sheets, her wetness, and his balls slapping against the only sounds audible in the room, aside from their moans of course.

I watched on as my girlfriend fucked his long, hard cock. A trickle of sweat running down my neck as their passionate lovemaking turned me on more by the second.

My girlfriend fucked him hard, stealing glances at me to make sure I was watching her getting railed like this.

Her bull enjoys dirty talk from time to time, it's somethin that turns him on and so I could hear through her moans his whispers about my girlfriend.

I remember him saying to her: "You little whore, let me fuck you like the slut you are".

I wanted him to fuck him in the ass right there but I know that's not possible and I am just to watch, not get involved.

My girlfriend was so wet, her orgasm was going to so intense when he finally let her have it.

"You want me to cum in you? Empty my balls inside of you? Maybe get your pregnant you little whore?" He said to her as he railed her hard against the mattress.

"Y...Yes, empty all of your cum into me, I want you so badly" My girlfriend said, her face still buried in the sheets.

"Too bad, you have been too much of a naughty girl", he said as he pulled his cock from her wet pussy and began unloading his balls onto her ass.

Thick loads of his cum covered her and she moaned with each squirt.

I watched on as her bulls cum began to dry on her ass, he cleaned himself up in the bathroom and my girlfriend had closed her eyes.

It was one of the best experiences of sharing my girlfriend and now I get to watch him make her cum too.

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I actually have a video that I took too if you want to see that? Let me know!


  1. I would love to see the video. The pictures and story had me leaking with my cum.

  2. If only my wife would do this! I guess I can live through your fantastic story and images, very well done to you.

  3. Love hearing this from the cucks perspective, it’s nice to know what my hubby goes through.

  4. I enjoy reading it from the cucks side, it turns me on a whole bunch

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