Pictures from our last nude resort getaway

My girlfriend and I decided to go on vacation last year but we wanted something a little out of the ordinary, we didn’t want the usual beaches and hotels, we wanted something different. Admittedly we booked the hotel when feeling very horny and in great spirits and we ended up checking ourselves into a hidden away adults-only nudist resort, bearing in mind we had never done this before.

When we first arrived I was nervous, my girlfriend (her name is Winter) was far more open than I. She didn’t flinch at check-in where the receptionists were nude, she didn’t bat an eyelid at the people walking around naked, we got into our room and she grinned at me, explaining how excited she was. I asked her if she was nervous and she told me, yes but she wanted to embrace being there and didn’t want to look like a newbie.

I followed her lead and we headed down to the pool in just our towels before taking them off and laying on our sunbeds completely nude. It felt strange, I felt out of place but once I realized that nobody cared and most people were fully nude themselves, I really started settling into it and so did my girlfriend.

We had a great time and Winter was so horny whenever we went up to the room, I don’t know if it was all of the people seeing her naked or if she was just getting off on the freedom of having her body out on show for everyone to see, but I didn’t question it and we had some of the best sex we have ever had.

This is my girlfriend, I got this picture one morning at the beginning of our vacation when we were out by the pool before anybody else:

Sunkissed and tired from a day of snacking and enjoying ourselves, we would head up to our room nightly and have the best sex. We tried all sorts of different positions, ones we had never tried before. We did anal for the first time, we did some incredible roleplaying where she pretended to be a disorientated lifeguard and we even had sex on our balcony.

Lots of the couples at the hotel were clearly into some kinky things themselves, nightly we would watch people fucking on their balconies, and often, they weren’t alone. It was clear some sort of swinging was going on and it was hellishly addictive to watch from our room.

One morning early on in our vacation we decided to have a little impromptu photoshoot, Winter was looking amazing. We had just had breakfast and you do have to be partially dressed for that, she was already ready to head back to our room for some fun and wanted to tease me first down by the pool so I pulled out my phone and she teased the camera in her tiny little bikini.

Nobody was around apart from a few stragglers around the pool but nobody seemed to care that my girlfriend was stripping for me. She told me that she could see that I was hard through my swimming shorts, she couldn’t wait for me to get her back into the bedroom.

I could see her tits a thousand times and I still would be in awe, now being in a nudist resort I got to see them 24/7 and my cock was constantly hard for her. Seeing her strip-off her bikini for me in these pictures was just as arousing as seeing her parading around the pool area every day.

Her nipples are always so sensitive, a cool breeze makes them stand to attention. She loves them being played with, nipple stimulation is her favorite thing, it makes her so wet, and being at a nudist resort they are being stimulated 24/7 from the breeze, the cool water, me rubbing sunscreen on her, touching them during the day without anybody paying any attention to us, it’s wonderful.

Every day I get to see her pussy and ass out in public, if you haven’t been to a nudist resort you can’t know just how arousing and insane that is. Every day I get to see her naked, laying out for everyone to see and I do see people look at her, we were probably some of the youngest people there and I have seen men and women giving her a once over. She arouses people naturally, she is just amazing.

I guess it’s normal for people to share their vacation pictures but ours are just a little different. I wanted to remember this moment forever, remember her body, and just how horny we were all of the time. You aren’t allowed a boner in public in the hotel so I did have to wear shorts quite a lot of the time and seeing my girlfriend’s pussy glistening in the sunshine from how wet she was didn’t seem fair but I understand the rules.

My girlfriend was a bit shy about her pussy when she first met me, she always said she didn’t like how it looks but I have convinced of just how beautiful and sensitive it is. Her pussy is so tight and so much fun to pleasure that I like to think she was blessed by some higher power.

Fucking my girlfriend is the best thing to ever happen to me, her pussy feels like a really tight, warm hug around my cock, and shooting my load inside of her just feels so right. She also loves sex, she wants it sometimes up to 3 times a day, she loves getting off and on this vacation, we just took that step to the next level.

Seeing her parading around the hotel pool like this every day, how could anyone not stop and stare? I just want to fuck her right there but unfortunately, we have to get all the way back to our room first.

We have already decided that we are going back next year, we loved it so much and we know that next year we would love to get involved with some other couples as we realized that there is a whole community of people who go every year and they enjoy one and others company a little more intimately than a normal group of vacationers.

Winter gets so excited at the idea of a possible threesome or group sex. When we talk about it on the sun loungers I see her getting wet, she opens her legs for all to see and it’s clear as day how soaked she is between her legs. People look and smile at her and I know how much they are going to enjoy her next year.

Would you ever go to a nudist resort like this one?


  1. I would love to go to a nudist resort, especially if you’re there

  2. wow i want to go there next year and show Winter a good time

  3. I’ve heard nudists are kinky as fuck, it doesn’t surprise me the experience that you had, especially considering how hot your girlfriend is.

  4. I’ll go if you will be there, I would just sit and wtach you all day long.

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