My wife likes to be dominated by her bull (she wants to be impregnated) – Gifs

This is my wife.

We are both tattooists somewhere on the East Coast.

We met at a car rally and instantly fell for one another. She is kinky, caring, and really good fun and after just a few weeks of hooking up we opened up to one another about our kinks and desires, and although it was pretty obvious that she was into some wild stuff when she told me she enjoyed bondage, BDSM and cuckolding I couldn’t believe my ears because it was exactly what I was into and I hadn’t found anyone eager or open enough to share those experiences with me in a long time.

We had threesomes with women and men, we frequented sex clubs and bondage parties and when the time was right we invited the right man to come and join us for some fun.

He knew bondage well, he understood cuckolding and he wanted to dominate my wife. We made an arrangement where I was going to watch and make something for the memory box and he was going to go to town on my wife…

I had seen my wife railed by another man plenty of times but this time was more intimate because we were alone, I wasn’t involved and he was going to dominate her.

They had been fooling around for a little while before I switched my camera on, I wanted to really relish the moment and also not make anyone feel awkward.

In her favorite bondage outfit, she got onto her knees for her bull and began spreading her legs, her pussy already wet and creamy from the intense orgasms he had given her.

I was excited to see his cock inside of my wife again, he was making her beg for him and she did so, her pleading convincing and immaculately erotic.

He spanked and squeezed her ass cheeks, pulling on her hair too as he pushed his thick cock inside of her waiting wet pussy.

He instantly began thrusting hard into my wife’s pussy and my cock twitched with satisfaction and excitement.

She moaned loudly, obeying whatever he asked her to say. Things like: “Fill me with your cum, I’m a worthless whore”.

My wife’s pussy was being punished and destroyed and we both loved every second of it.

“I want your cum, please, give me your cum and impregnate me, please”, she screamed out to her bull.

“Don’t speak unless I say!”, he roared back at her as he fucked her harder and harder.

“You want my cum in your tight worthless pussy huh? Well, you can’t, you disobeyed my rules”, he said to her as he pounded her pussy without any mercy.

He pulled her up from the couch and pushed her down by her hair and told her to open her little whore mouth. She did as she was told and he began fucking her throat.

His cock reaching the very end of her, making her choke and splutter.

He was using my wife’s face as a sex toy, her body now his.

Watching his cock disappear into my wife’s throat was incredible and seeing how submissive she was for him and how much she wanted his cum now was a different feeling altogether.

He shot his load into her mouth and she took every last drop. I was so proud of her.

As soon as he came he knelt to her, kissed her, pinching her small nipples, and told her that she was a bad girl and that next time if she was good maybe he would fill her up with his cum and try and get her pregnant.

I was in awe, rock hard, and utterly satisfied. My wife and he made arrangements to meet again the weekend after and for me the day couldn’t come quickly enough.

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