My wife in our garden this morning (Pls Rate This Hotwife)

My wife and I were stuck in lockdown, the world was struggling and all we had to do was stay at home. My wife and I, we don't see each other a whole lot, we both work full-time and live very busy lives, and being stuck in lockdown was actually an excuse for us to re-connect, stay safe, and discover one another's bodies once again.

My wife has a fantastic figure, I just don't get to see it a lot in our usual day to day lives but luckily for me, we have both been so horny being stuck at home that we have been doing some seriously kinky stuff. Things we haven't done in years.

We do have neighbors who look directly onto our property but my wife and I were enjoying the sunshine and she looked good enough to eat. I asked if I could take some pictures and my wife agreed to it, it excited her. My dick was rock solid taking these, I knew the neighbors would be peeping out of their windows hearing our giggles.

Since we were in lockdown she hasn't been wearing a bra, much to my delight. Seeing her rock hard nipples poking through her shirt every day excites me like I am a virgin again.

We don't have children but my wife is a MILF. I notice all of our friends looking at her, the guys watching her ass as she leaves a room, and luckily for me, I get to fuck her. At this point, my wife asked to take some selfies herself.

She was teasing me with these pictures, not letting me see her entire breast. I was begging her but she admitted she was shy because she knew the neighbors could see and would most likely be watching her.

I think our neighbor was probably touching himself, watching my wife pose for me in our garden.

This is 100% my favorite view in the world. You could put me in front of every single natural wonder of the world and I would still choose this one. Especially when my wife is fully naked, bouncing on my dick, screaming out my name, her wet pussy juices drenching her between the legs and thighs. Now, that's better than anything in this world to me.

The best sex I ever had with my wife was actually on vacation, we had only been together a year at that point and it was our first holiday together. We didn't leave the hotel room, we stayed in a fucked for the whole week. She showed me things I had never experienced in my entire life. She sucked my cock, making it all disappear down her throat, swallowing every drop of my cum and pre-cum and then riding me in cowgirl, her breasts bouncing, she pinched them and pulled on them, playing with her clit too as I just watched on in awe. She began to cum all over my dick, she trembled and screamed as she did so. She panted and fell on top of me and thanked me, she told me she had never ever cum from penetration before. I pounded her hard after that admission, I just couldn't take it and came almost instantly, filling her up with my cum, our juices mixing together. It was incredible.

My wife was a bit too shy to send in the photos we took where you can see her nipples but they are puffy and delicious, her erect nipples stand to action, begging to be sucked, they perfectly compliment her breasts and they love the attention.

I know I am such a lucky guy, the lockdown hasn't been all that bad for us, and getting to spend time like this with my wife again has been just what we needed.

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  1. wow a beautiful woman, her tits are incredible, very suckable and kissable.

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