My Wife Cheated On Me

My wife Jenny and I were high school sweethearts. We got married immediately after graduating from college. We had a very solemn wedding ceremony in the garden of a restaurant in our hometown. It was a very special day for us with all of our families and close friends witnessing our exchange of vows. I can still remember she had her older sister as her maid of honor while my best man was my cousin, Rupert.

It was a very simple wedding because she said she didn’t want a big church wedding. I made it up for her by taking her to the Maldives for our honeymoon. We stayed there for five days making love as if we had never have done that since high school. But I think it was different because we were doing it as a married couple.

One time we went to the spa and had a whole-body massage. It was so relaxing but the feel of the oil on our bodies and seeing one another naked and vulnerable like that made us horny. We literally ran back to our room from the spa and we barely made it to the bed. Our clothes made a trail from the door to the bed. It was very thrilling lovemaking that made us hungry for each other right there and then.

I didn’t mind licking every crevice of my wife’s body. I could still taste the coconut oil the ladies used at the spa on her. As soon she was on top of me she began riding me like a cowgirl on top of her horse. Her scream pierced the room as she climaxed. The muscles of her pussy contracted around my cock and I felt myself burst into an explosive orgasm.

Some people say that sex eventually gets boring when you’re married but for us, the fact that we’re bound to each other made every lovemaking session an adventure. We like to experiment with different sex positions and never have to worry about wearing a condom or taking pills.

Jenny and I always wanted to have a big family. Right after tying the knot, we were lucky to land good-paying jobs in the city. We moved from our little hometown to the city where we lived in a two-bedroom apartment. It’s normal for couples to talk about starting a family. After about a year of blissful marriage, we decided it was time to have a baby.

For the next few months, we tried hard to conceive but to no avail. That’s when we decided to see a doctor. It turned out that I have a very poor sperm count. The doctor gave me some supplements but after taking them for a few months, I finally gave up.

I was afraid I was letting my wife down. I know how much she wanted to have a baby but she assured me that it was okay. She said we could still consider adopting a child in the future when we’re both ready to take that responsibility. She was very comforting and she kept on telling me that we should just try harder.

We read so many books about fertility specifically articles about how to improve my sperm count. We tried practically everything but three years into our marriage and we were still childless.

One time, we got a surprise visit from Rupert. He said he got promoted and was now managing their company’s branch in our city. I was very happy for him and the fact that he was living in the same city means I can hang out with him more often. We had a lot of catching up to do.

A week after his visit, we invited him to have dinner with us. Jenny cooked for us and Rupert praised her for the delicious meal. For the first time since forever, I noticed my wife blushed at the compliment. Well, I thought she deserved it because she’s an excellent cook.

I excused myself to go to the bathroom and when I came back, I noticed that Rupert and Jenny were laughing at something. They were sitting so close together on the couch which made me uneasy. What am I doing? Rupert is my cousin and he’ll never do anything stupid like steal my wife from me.

We didn’t see much of Rupert for several weeks but one evening, Jenny didn’t notice I was already home. She was in the kitchen talking on her phone. She was giggling at something the other person on the line said. When she turned around and saw me, she looked very surprised and said goodbye to whoever she was talking to. That made me suspicious because she had never done that before. She told me it was somebody from work. The sick part is that I suspected she was cheating and although I felt humiliated my cock sprang to life in a way it never had before,

I started to notice that Jenny was paying more attention to herself lately. She bought some new clothes; some of them were very sexy. She even changed her perfume. I asked her about it and she said she got tired of my favorite scent. In addition, she was going out more often with her “friends”. I told her about this and she said, “We don’t have kids, sweetie. I might as well spend time with my girlfriends once in a while.”

That really hurt me. She never said anything directly about us not having kids. To make things worse, we no longer made love as often as we used to before. She always complained about not being in the mood, being too tired from work, or reserving her energy during her fertile days to improve our chances to conceive.

My instinct was telling me that something was wrong. One day, I left early for work. My wife said she wasn’t going to the office because she wasn’t feeling great. I decided to surprise her. It’s been a while since we had lunch together. I went to her favorite restaurant and ordered lunch for both of us.

The apartment was very quiet when I arrived. I thought maybe she was sleeping. I went to the kitchen and put the food on the table and decided to check on her in the bedroom. I was a few feet away when I heard voices. In fact, I could hear somebody moaning inside like she was in pain. I got so nervous that I opened the door immediately.

I was shocked, Rupert and Jenny were both naked on the bed banging each other. They were surprised when they saw me standing there. I felt numb and oddly turned on but I decided to get away from there as fast as my feet could carry.

I drove for hours but I decided it was time to face the music. It was pointless running away from it. When I went back to the apartment, Jenny and Rupert were waiting for me on the couch.

“Please sit down and hear us out,” Jenny said. I sat across from them and braced myself. I wanted to shout at them but for some reason, I couldn’t get a single word out of my mouth.

“We’re very sorry, Johnny. We should have told you about it sooner. Jen and I had been seeing each other for a while now. The reason why I accepted that job offer here in the city is to get close to her. We’ve been seeing each other for two years now,” Rupert explained.

“But why?” I asked. My body was shaking all over.

“It was my fault,” Jenny said. “Remember that time I went to New York for a business meeting? I saw Rupert there and something happened between us. We thought we could ignore the chemistry between us but it’s still there. He’d been visiting me here for the last couple of years. We wanted to tell you, honestly.”

“We’re very sorry. It was never our intention to hurt you. Jen is pregnant with my child. She told me about it today that’s why she wasn’t feeling well,” Rupert said.

I felt defeated. How could I be such a fool? I should’ve known better. I wanted to blame myself for what happened but there was nothing I could do. The only way to move on is to accept what happened. Maybe Jenny isn’t the one for me.

It wasn’t long before she filed for divorce. I left my job in the city and stayed in our hometown for a while. I kept myself busy by doing volunteer jobs here and there. Hopefully, I’ll get over her and find the right one for me. I found through this experience through that humiliation is a real kink and although I will never forgive Jenny, unlocking this new kink for me has been life-changing.


  1. At least you got something good from it, good on you. Sorry to say, also super hot too

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