My Petite Girlfriend Is Having A Shower

Hello, again it’s me, the boyfriend of Lilly from the last user submission.

Lots of you loved the images that I shared of Lilly and we loved sharing them with you all. It was thrilling and for two newbies into this kinky world, it was certainly an eye-opening experience.

One evening my girlfriend Lilly started fooling around, teasing me and talking dirty to me about all of our secret fantasies. She asked me about sharing her with another man and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. She was serious but also still very playful, have any of you ever dealt with this situation?

I followed Lilly into the bathroom where she wiggled her body and told me just what it would be like for a man to fuck her.

She soaped herself up, ran her fingers and hands across her body seductively all whilst giving me a step-by-step rendition on how it would be if another man was there.

I was turned on listening to her and she had obviously thought a lot about it. She has also been extra horny since taking these pictures and even wants to do a video of us together. I’m a little nervous still, but we might give it a try soon.

After the shower when she was all dry she decided to take her own pictures for you.

Then it was time to brush her teeth and come to bed.

My girlfriend wants our next submission to be extra naughty. I’m a little unsure, but if she talks me round we will definitely upload to Cuckin.

I think we have a lot to discuss after the things she was saying, swinging or being a cuckold is something I would definitely consider but will jealousy get in my way?

We have also uploaded more of Lilly here.


  1. You should start slow. How did posting these feel? How does it feel when I say her tits are phenomenal and I would do anything to nibble on them with my fingers deep in her pussy?

  2. She looks like butter wouldn’t melt but we all know differently, don’t we

  3. I want her bouncing on ym dick, screaming my name, begging for me to let her cum

  4. Her body is driving me wild, so perfect and fuckable

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