My Girlfriend Was The Popular Girl

This is my girlfriend on holiday at our cabin with a guy she’s been playing with for a few months. He came up overnight and will be back for the end of our holiday break. My wife had a lovely time, she was all relaxed after this and it was a wonderful start to our break.

I met my girlfriend 6 years ago, she was a popular girl and had a lot of history with many different men, a lot of hung guys. We were exclusive for the first 4 years, but one night I asked about her past, this lead to me getting aroused, it then lead to her showing me pictures and videos of her and her ex-lovers, I’d never been so turned on.

I had a lot of resistance as I didn’t want her to look down on me for being so turned on but after a few months of talking and seeing how wet it made her talking about being with another guy…

We gave it a try. There were a lot of weird emotions, some amazing highs, like the highest sexual highs I’ve had and some lows where I suffered from self-esteem issues, however, it’s all fixed now and we’ve found our balance.

I’ve found a lot of things about my wife, what type of guy she enjoys, how high her sex drive is, what size she likes and I’ve seen her completely submit to a bull, something that made me cum without any touching.

We both read a lot of the stories on here together and we would love to share more.


  1. Your girlfriend is a little slut and I love it

  2. Please share more! you guys are amazing. Love the way you treat her pussy

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