My girlfriend needs someone inside of her tight hole

My girlfriend (Lilly) wanted me to show everyone her body. I was a little nervous at first, but she begged. So, here are the pictures.

When we started taking pictures she was really shy about undressing.

She hadn't ever taken a picture for us to upload into our own private album before so taking pictures for a community of kinksters to view on the internet was a whole new step for us.

However, once she started getting undressed and saw how much she was turning me on, Lilly became a lot more confident and she just wanted to impress.

These were taken last week right after she had gone for a wax and a tan and from the pictures, you can see I'm a very lucky man.

At this point, we cut the camera as the idea of sharing these pictures got her really wet and she wanted me inside of her.

We only took one more picture whilst having sex and it was just to show you her wetness (she took every inch of me like it was nothing).

Lilly wants to take more pictures like this and share our journey with you all. We have spoken about cuckolding and even wife-swapping so we would be really interested in anyone who wants to get involved.

Let us know what you think of our pictures and if Lilly and I would be your sort of match. We are complete beginners to cuckolding/swinging/wife-swapping.

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We have uploaded some more of Lilly here.


  1. Your pictures are great, I’ve read all of your submissions. I am a cuck so I would love to watch you both get off, I also love humiliation so I am open to that too as you fuck one another.

  2. Lily is definitely my sort of woman, petite and beautiful. I would be honored to fuck her.

  3. love you guys, your pictures are phenomenal. You’re definitely ready for this lifestyle

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