The moments before I shared my cock hungry girlfriend with another man

What do you think of my girlfriend?

She’s been wanting to have sex with this guy she knows for ages and as a reward for letting her, she let me take some pictures.

We’ve had a few cuckold experiences before this event, but this was the first time she’s ever had one on one sex with another man that she actually knows personally.

They have known each other for a few months now and it was clear that she had a little crush on him. She always came home from work smiling, in a great mood after a long day and it didn’t take me long to get her to open up about how she felt about him. She told me that it was purely sexual, she was having only raunchy sexual feelings towards him and she could feel an electric sexual tension between them both whenever they were together.

We are a very open couple and so I told her to drop hints to him about our lifestyle and ask him if he was comfortable with it. Over a few weeks, it was clear the message had gone down well, and before we all knew it a date was being set-up and my girlfriend was on cloud 9. He had known a little about cuckolding and hotwifing but my girlfriend had totally briefed him and she told me how ready he was to fuck her taken pussy.

I did my best to take as many pictures as I could so that I could remember the whole experience.

These pictures were taken before he arrived at our house. My girlfriend was super horny and just couldn’t wait for him to arrive.

She was super excited and wetter than I’d ever seen her before. I asked her if she had applied lube but she told me it was all her own juices.

She really wanted to impress him and I helped her. She told me about the teasing that had been going on at work and how much tension there was between them and I didn’t doubt her for a second.

We lit the fire, made a little ‘bed’ on the floor and she got showered and shaved/waxed her ass for him. He was in for a treat.

We had a little list of what he could and couldn’t do, but she begged me to let him inside her without a condom as she didn’t want the condom to ruin anything (she hates protected sex).

I didn’t cave in until right before he arrived and lust took over me. I told my girlfriend he could go in unprotected so long as she didn’t clean-up after he had left and left a little taster for me. She agreed enthusiastically and my cock grew hard at the thought of cleaning-up my slutty girlfriend.

Just before he arrived she put her favorite blue dress back on ready to be taken off the second he put his hands on her.

At this point, my heart was racing and it became even quicker when he turned up and they kissed in the doorway.

Here’s a picture of the two of them just before it all happened and my girlfriend was right, the sexual tension between them was almost visible in the air.

Ýou can hopefully get a sense of what it feels like sharing your girlfriend and see behind the scenes as a cuck.

I took a lot of pictures of them fucking, but my girlfriend needed a few days to think about it before we released them to the Cuckin membership.

When we do get them uploaded, you will be able to see them here.


  1. Your girlfriend is a hottie, I can only think of how good that pussy feels.

  2. That first time is always so memorable, I remember the adrenaline running through me as a new man was about to devour me.

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