My Arousing Experience Sharing My Girlfriend

I’m back to show you my experience sharing my girlfriend with a personal colleague of hers (part one here).

Turns out my girlfriend really gets off on the idea of you all checking her out and so she let me release the rest of the pictures of her with another man. It was a great experience for us all and I have been thinking about letting her fuck more people that she knows, the chemistry was incredible and as a cuck, it made me feel so worthless, a feeling that I love.

He arrived promptly, they made out in the doorway before my girlfriend invited him to sit down and we all had a drink, it was a little awkward at first, as all the first meetings are. I left the room for one minute and when I came back he was kissing her and making his way down to her shaved pussy.

He gave her oral sex and I’ve never heard her make so much noise.

I sat back and watched as he made her orgasm multiple times just using his mouth. He was in awe of her body, whispering sweet nothings into her ear whenever he came up for air. I heard him say: “Fuck, I knew you were going to taste good from the moment I met you”, which of course made me smile.

My heart was beating through my chest at this point and I had some worry that I made the right choice (it can be hard seeing your girlfriend in pure ecstasy at the hands of another man).

She then got him on his back and started sucking his dick.

She got his cock deep into her throat. I could see that it was bigger than mine which made this cuck forgot about his doubts and just enjoy the show.

She said after that he was the biggest she’s ever had and she even sucked his balls too.

The blowjob went on for a few minutes and then she got on all fours for him.

He put every inch of himself inside of her.

She moaned so loud.

She was begging him not to stop.

All I could hear were her moans and the sound of her squirting all over his cock.

He flipped her over so he could go even deeper. It was like watching two fireworks suddenly going off, the sexual desire they had for one another was undisputed.

He then thrust every last inch of himself in her and she had another orgasm.

She then asked him to fuck her in the ass.

I was suddenly jealous at this point, she was giving him access to every part of her. However, my jealousy was directed towards the blood in my cock, and seeing him elated at the idea of fucking her in the ass just made my cock grow harder.

He then pushed his cock into her ass and she cried out with joy. He was overwhelmed, he was having the best sex of his entire life.

Her ass is so tight and by the time he got himself inside, he started cumming.

So he flipped her over and came all over her butt and it ran down towards her pussy.

They both lay in silence for a few minutes and then started laughing and giggling.

He left soon after kissing her on the cheek and saying: “See you at work on Monday”, and then he winked at me.

My girlfriend lay still as I closed the door behind him and straddled myself behind her, part of the deal was clean-up and I instinctively began burying my head between her legs and licking up all of the cum that had dripped into her pussy and against her asshole. I made sure to get up every last drop for her before pushing my cock inside of her used pussy and feeling the remnants of another man. I came almost instantly and filled her up, she didn’t moan in pleasure as she did with him, which turned me on more.

This all happened last weekend and I’ve looked at these pictures every day since and even though I was jealous at times I’m now addicted to it.


  1. I read part 1 and was so invested. This was even better, I am glad it went so well for you both. Your girlfriend is smoking hot, I could practically smell the sex through my screen.

  2. This is so freaking good. I want to hear about what happened at work the next week, can you give us more? ughhh my cock is dribbling.

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