My dick is too small for my wife (Humiliation)

Have you ever had this problem?

My wife humiliates me, she tells me how small my cock is and how it just can’t satisfy her.

The secret is, I get off on that and I love it. I love being told how I could never satisfy her or make her feel anything and she does it so well.

I was sitting half-naked waiting for her to finish in the bathroom. She saw me and sighed, my cock grew bigger. She got onto her knees, I pulled out my phone. She sighed again as she saw my pathetic cock engorged and pleading. She watched me for a few minutes jerking myself off, she sighed and looked bored of me, making my cock twitch with pleasure with each eye roll.

She then took my cock into her hands, pushing mine to one side and she began jerking my cock, sighing and clearly underwhelmed with each passing moment. Her clear dissatisfaction was turning me on more by the second.

She got effortlessly bored with my cock and told me to jerk it myself. I did as she did and she sat back on her heels, her legs spread open staring at my cock with a look of disgust on her face.

She then bent forward, pushing my hand away again, and began sucking on my cock, it made me groan, the feeling was overwhelming. “It’s so small it can’t even make me gag”, she said. “I have eaten sausages bigger than this thing”, she said as she stroked my cock. She rolled her eyes at me as I groaned again, I told you she was so good at this.

My wife lent back on her heels again and began unclasping her bra. I jerked my cock faster as I saw the straps slowly sliding down her arms, her big tits about to be released.

“I’m doing this to punish you”, she said as she slid the bra from her chest. “You are going to watch me fuck myself because that ‘thing’ you have there is far too small for me”, she motioned with her head at my cock and then pulled off the rest of her bra.

I had to stop jerking myself off, I knew I would cum which would disappoint her even more and I wanted to draw this out for as long as I possibly could.

I thought she would stop there with the bra but she didn’t. She then stood up and began removing her panties, slowly sliding them down her shapely thighs.

She saw I was getting excited and so pulled them back up again, shaking her head and sighing at me, she thought I was weak.

“Do you like watching me get undressed?” she said as she pulled her panties over her plump ass. I nodded, my cock twitching with each movement from her.

“Too bad your cock is too small to fuck me Hunny, you’re just going to have to watch”, she slowly teased her panties all the way down her legs. I could barely hold my phone I was that excited.

“If only you had a bigger cock and not just such a pathetic little one”, she said as she stepped out of her panties.

My wife was now completely naked, I couldn’t take pictures any longer, I was too turned on to even think straight.

She sat down in front of me, spreading her legs wide, her pussy glistening from her juices. She grabbed her dildo and facing me began fucking herself with it. “Jerk yourself off and you cum when I am done”, she said, sighing at me, acting as if I was just there to annoy her.

She thrust this big dildo in and out of her wet pussy, the sounds it made were like music to my ears. She began moaning softly, pinching at her nipples as she fucked this toy. Her creamy white juices began coating the dildo, I had to stroke my cock softly and slowly or I was going to blow before she did and that would disappoint her even more.

My wife played with her clit too, fast quick movements, making it appear swollen and bulbous. A small wet patch was forming on the hardwood floor beneath her, I would have licked it had she of asked. She then began moaning louder and before I knew it she was squirting, her juices flowing out of her, a big wet patch forming, her dildo being coated in white and clear liquid, her body breathless and panting. I couldn’t help myself, I had to cum too and within seconds thick loads of my own cum were coating my stomach and my chest. I panted too, looking at her dripping wet pussy right in front of me, the puddle beneath her.

“That’s how a real man would fuck me Hunny”, she said as she stood up and headed back into the bathroom, leaving me with my cum drying onto my skin, my cravings satisfied.


  1. my wife does the same thing,she tells me how useless my cock is whilst gagging on her bulls huge member. It makes me so hard

  2. your wife wants a big fat cock inside of her, not yours

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