Mature Wife Getting Ready For Swinging (Rate Her)

My wife loves being the center of attention, she loves everyone's eyes on her. We got into swinging because of her cravings and it's been the best thing for us. These pictures were taken before we headed off to one of our events where I get to see my wife pounded and pleasured by copious amounts of men and women.

I told her to undress and to begin touching herself, she kept laughing at first, feeling nervous and shy of the camera but as soon as she began playing with herself she started to relax and started to perform.

She sucked on her finger and then began fingering her ass, she was going to have anal tonight. I love her in this position, If you could feel her pussy and ass in this position, you would love it too. I like to fuck her and push her head down as I get to feast on her tight wet hole.

She knew she was driving me wild now, I was touching myself as I took the pictures. She was moaning my name as she fucked her tight ass, putting on such a show for me and for you. She was moving her finger in and out of ass slowly and then building up speed and moaning louder.

I asked her to turn over and play with her pussy, I wanted whoever saw these pictures to see her pussy and enjoy it as much as I and the rest of the people at the swinging party do.

She loves playing with herself, she could always make herself cum. On our second date, she actually masturbated for me as she knew it turned me on. I loved watching her please herself and cum for me.

The sweet noises she was making at this point were enough to make any man or woman come to their knees. I was so desperate to jump in and fuck her and fill her up with my throbbing erection but we had an event to get too.

She looked so hot as she played with herself, I could barely contain myself. My cock was jumping out of my pants, I kept thinking about how lucky I am. My wife is still so tight, she can make me cum in seconds, I worship her pussy.

At this point I just couldn't resist, I touched her full breasts and I knew I had to put the camera down, she had me so weak. After that she composed herself knowing full well how ready her entire body was now for all of the new people she might meet that night.

Let us know what you think of my wife, what would you do to her if you met her at the swinging event? You can say whatever you want, she loves it.

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  1. If i met her at the swinging event I would be sure to make her cum using my tongue, making everyone want to join in with us. She is definitely my type of woman.

  2. Her knees will be trembling the whole way home once I am done with her…

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