Making my poor boyfriend take nudes of me for you 💗 – He Doesn’t Know They Are For You

Hey everyone!

I was feeling sexy the other day, I had just come back from having some lunch with my friends and I was really feeling good in my cute little outfit.

I could feel my tight bra resting and cupping my breasts throughout our entire lunch date, despite my friends talking to me and around me, a shift in my focus happened and I was imagining a stranger pinning me up against the wall right there in the restaurant, reaching for my breasts inside of my bra and lifting up my skirt. He would then part my legs and thrust his throbbing dick inside of me before finishing and leave me there breathless, my cunt swollen and desperate.

When I got home, my filthy thoughts still plagued my mind, all I could think of was sex. My boyfriend had no idea about the smutty thoughts that had been running through my head during lunch and on the car ride home and now I was excruciatingly horny.

I asked him if he would take some pictures for me, assuming they were for my social media he obliged, only paying attention when I lifted my shirt off. He remarked at how wonderful my bra was but I didn’t even really hear him, my mind was focused on you, a stranger, fucking me.

So, as my boyfriend takes these intimate pictures of me, I wanted to think of you and all of the dirty things you would do to me. Where would you start?

I know where I would start, I would start by getting undressed for you, being totally naked so that you could inspect every inch of my body and kiss every centimeter of my skin before reaching between my legs and feeling overtly satisfied with what you found but today I am feeling like I want things a little rough.

My body is an open invitation for you to do what you want to me, so sir, what will it be?

As my boyfriend took these pictures he had no idea what I was thinking or who I was doing it for, he thought I was just being sexy, overexcited from my lunch out with friends.

I am going to tell you what I want you to do me and you’re going to do it, I want you to satisfy me in a way that my boyfriend can’t, have you got that?

If you were the one here right now taking these pictures I would want you to stand behind me kissing my neck before slowly pulling at my panties, noticing how there is some resistance from my little pussy as my sticky fluids have trapped the material against my lips.

Then I want you to spin me around and take my aroused nipples into your mouth, sucking hard on them, making me moan as I grip onto your head and slowly lift my leg, encouraging your hand to dart between them and began caressing my aching pussy. My panties are still there between my legs, a wet patch formed on them.

This is where things start getting a little heavy. I want you to roughly pull off my skirt, exposing my little pussy hidden away in my panties to you before lifting me up against my boyfriend’s expensive bookcase, parting my legs and roughly tearing off my new panties too.

I am going to gasp, worried my boyfriend will hear us in the next room and you’re going to slide your fingers between my legs, part my pussy lips and push two of your big fingers inside of me. You feel how tight I am as my pussy clamps down on your fingers and your cock just grows harder and harder as you finger fuck me right there.

I will reach down and pull down your pants, your cock springing out, excited and throbbing at the thought of fucking me right here against this bookcase.

You slowly ease your way into my tight cunt, taking your time as you know you won’t last very long if you just start pounding away at me like you really want too.

I moan softly into your ear, grabbing onto your head and you start thrusting faster, you just can’t resist can you? You suck on my nipples again too, biting down, making me scream out. You cover my mouth so that my boyfriend can’t hear us, your cock deep in my cunt, my juices flowing out and coating your thick shaft.

I am going to stop you there, my boyfriend is coming. If you want I can upload the rest of the pictures he innocently took? Let me know down below and don’t forget to rate me hehe.

I have uploaded more of the pictures he took!

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