Letting my friend try my wife for size (No condom was used)

I never imagined asking my wife in a jokey way if she would suck my friend’s dick to actually come to this. It all started one evening, we had a few friends round, kicking back, chilling out. My wife and I were mainly with one friend of mine, he’s funny and cool and my wife and he get along really well. The get-together was dying off and people were heading home but us three continued on, talking away and enjoying our evening. After a while I was feeling frisky, my wife was in a little revealing black summer dress and after a warm summer’s day, the sun had gotten to me and I wanted to fuck her right there. I began touching her leg, running my hand up her thigh, and generally giving her the signals. She responded to me by touching my hand and parting her legs.

My friend watched us, clearly getting turned on by the events unfolding in front of him. I squeezed my wife’s thigh and as a joke, I said to her “Baby, do you think you could suck his dick too?” We all laughed but his eyes lit up and so did hers. It was unmissable.

I looked at my wife again and she had a look in her eyes, a look that told me she wanted it. We had never done this before but we had spoken about it and they do say you should just jump at opportunities in life and this was ours. I turned to my friend and I said “Dude, do you want to try out my wife? I see the way you look at her?”

He shifted in his seat, looking at me and then at my wife who was sat now with her legs crossed.

“Bro, are you sure? This is insanely dope. I have always wanted to taste her since the day you both met, fuck this is so hot”.

It went on from there. We went upstairs, we were all really giddy and a little nervous, I grabbed my camera, which is something we had always planned to happen for our first time doing this, and well the rest is history.

My wife began by undressing for him, delicately undoing the knot holding up big, bouncy tits. He had always wondered what they looked like not in clothes, I knew he had. Now was his big chance and finally, he gets to try out my wife for size all whilst I sit back and enjoy the show.

My wife (Iggy) was visibly nervous but it is something we had always wanted to try out and what better way to do it with someone we both know and trust?

He was busy watching my wife and touching his cock, warming it up for what was about to happen, I had seen his cock before and I forgot how impressive it actually was, I knew my wife was going to enjoy it. He was rock hard as my wife got undressed, for him it was like finally opening up pandora’s box.

He made her feel so comfortable and it was obvious there was some sexual tension between them, they were both lustful and eager to get undressed for one another. My wife was acting coy but I knew as soon as she relaxed a little more, she was going to show him why I married her.

She was impressed by his cock, just like I knew she would be. She turned to me all wide-eyed and I laughed, he did too. She was going to enjoy this and she would always remember her first.

He pushed my wife down and went down on her, eating her out like an expert. She was breathing hard and I could hear how wet she was every time he would push his fingers inside of her. I saw him smiling when she started moaning loudly, he was having the time of his life tasting my wife. My wife usually takes a while to cum, it takes a lot but on that day, clearly, she was very turned on and he just hit the right spot because she began to cum so hard, shaking and moaning, gripping onto his hair, leaving a wet patch beneath her. He smiled as she stopped him and he licked his lips, he had been waiting for that for a long time.

After she had come down for her massive orgasm she hopped onto of him and began riding him, slowly at first, letting him enjoy the contours and tightness of her pussy.

He was squeezing her tits, feeling them with his hands, enjoying every inch of them, he told her he had always wanted to do this and she just laughed. She bucked back and forth on his cock slowly, she knew he couldn’t last much longer.

He fucked her hard, making her scream out in delight. I watched as he penetrated my wife, making her feel so good with his large, thick cock.

I started to worry that she forgot I was there but I didn’t care, I just wanted her to have a good time. I said to her “Show him how good you are at sucking cock, I am sure he would want to know what that’s like”. They both listened to me and my wife got to her knees and began teasing the head of his cock.

My wife licked all of her delicious juices from his cock, tasting her own cum. She loves taking my cock to the back of her throat and gaging for me and she did exactly that for him and he loves it too, seeing her splutter and still take it all down is something I wish you all could try with her.

My wife didn’t want him to cum yet so she went back to teasing the very tip of his cock, using her soft tongue to gently lick and flick the tip, driving him wild for her.

My wife wanted me to join in but I was getting off on watching them together, knowing how much they were getting off on it was enough for me and seeing my wife all slutty and horny for another man was something I had only dreamed of.

She showed him her best moves and from the look on his face, the concentration of him trying not to cum as she brought him to the edge of orgasm again, and again told me that he had never had a blowjob quite like it.

He couldn’t take the blowjob any more, he knew he was going to blow so he went back to my wife’s tight, little pussy. Slowly thrusting into her and squeezing her tits, she audibly told him to “fuck her harder”, music to mine and his ear’s.

He did as he was told, he began thrusting into her, filling her up with his cock, reaching her g-spot and pulling back out again. My wife was gritting her teeth, the pleasure for her was clearly unmeasurable, she was behaving like such a slut.

My wife isn’t on any form of birth control, he knew he needed to pull out but her pussy is captivating, it locks you in, desperate for you to fill it up and get it pregnant. He squeezed his eyes closed as he pumped into her, making her moan so loud.

She bit her lip as he thrust into her harder and harder, forcing back his own orgasm, desperate not to blow his load inside of my wife, that would have brought about its own set of problems.

He couldn’t hold any longer so he pulled out and told her to suck it, she did and after two small thrusts inside of her mouth he blew his load, there was so much of it. It leaked from her sweet mouth and down her chin, making its way down her chest and onto her nipples. He stayed there, jerking his cock, getting the remains out and onto her, panting loudly.

Seeing his cum all over my wife did things to me that I can’t even explain, she was in awe and so was he. I just knew we would have to do this again.

We said our goodbyes and promised to do it again, my wife was filled with adrenaline, her first time couldn’t have gone better. She showered off and got into bed with me and I put my hand between her legs and her pussy was still dripping wet, she was one dirty little slut wife and I was excited about our next adventures.


  1. seeing my wife all used up gives me the same buzz its a indescribable feeling. nice post, very hot

  2. I know how good this feels, my husband and I haven’t been able to do any swinging during this whole pandemic and I am raring to go.

  3. I want to motorboat your tits and then slide my cock between them, poking the head of my penis into your mouth.

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