Letting My Cuck Fuck Me…Sort Of

My boyfriend and I love taking pictures of each other, we have so many stored away in our private collection. He loves having my naked body as his phone screen but like I say, these pictures are usually private.

Reading all of the submissions here and seeing other people submit their intimate pictures really got me thinking and made me want to do it. I wanted other people to enjoy my body, I want strangers to masturbate over me and make my boyfriend jealous.

My boyfriend was hesitant at first, he didn’t want the world to see me but I told him all about this little piece of the internet and he agreed. He wanted you guys to enjoy me and that suited me just fine because I had a plan in store for him.

As a cuck, he knows that certain privileges aren't always awarded to him and lately my pussy has been totally off-limits to him. I decided it was time he could enjoy my pussy but only with my favorite big dildo, he wasn't allowed near with his actual cock.

I wore my favorite panties and was so excited to get my body out for you.

I wasn’t even shy, I was so turned on thinking of all of the eyes that were going to be on my petite body.

I peeled off my panties and showed the camera my tight little ass and pussy, my boyfriend was so horny watching me but he knew the rules, no touching until I said so and certainly no satisfaction for him, just me and the camera.

I was totally naked and trying so hard not to touch myself or beg my boyfriend to slam his cock inside of me, I wanted him to be so desperate the next time I let him fuck me, and doing this was just going to make that even more of a possibility.

We decided to grab one of my favorite dildos, it’s so long and thick, it always makes me so wet and brings me to orgasm when I ride it and all my boyfriend could do was use it on me and enjoy the show.

My boyfriend pushed my dildo deep into my pussy, filling me up and making me squirm with pleasure.

I wanted you to see just how much I was taking inside of my small pussy, I don’t know how it was fitting inside of me.

I was so wet and having my boyfriend pushing this big dildo in and out of my tight wet pussy was a match made in heaven.

Now it was time to change positions as I guided myself down and onto the dildo. My boyfriend was being tortured watching me push it deep inside of myself and play with my clit as I did so.

I couldn’t believe it when I took it all inside of myself, I was moaning with ecstasy, it felt so damn good. I was bucking my hips backward and forwards, bringing myself to orgasm with my boyfriend's eyes bulging out of his head watching me.

Coming down from my orgasm I was gently riding the dildo as my boyfriend slowly pulled it out of me. I couldn’t get over how good it felt even as it was leaving my pussy.

I wanted your help on what my boyfriend should be punished with next? Another sex toy? what do you think?


  1. So hot, you are amazing. Next I think you should punish him inside of cock cage as you use a vibrator on yourself

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