Just Two Couples Having A Good Time (Swingers)

I’m not a writer by any means, I have no idea how to properly explain my pictures but I realized a lot of you would most likely enjoy them and enjoy seeing what we get up too. My wife and I like to meet people online and then have fun with them. We make sure they are the right match for us and then we all meet up and have a great night. This couple, in particular, was super hot and his girlfriend (the blonde) was my type of woman, she intrigued me from the second I saw their profile online and I wanted to meet them both. We all love to take pictures and fortunately, my wife got some incredible snaps of me and this woman to add to our albums.

If you have any questions about our lifestyle please just ask and I will get back to you.

This is the super hot blonde, she was magnificent and she looked better than she did on her profile pictures. My wife thought she was good looking too so it was a win-win, her boyfriend was also my wife’s type so we both got something very nice out of the deal.

Just look at how this hottie plays with my cock. She is a true kinky and to think a few hours before this was taken we didn’t know each other at all.

My wife got these photos and I couldn’t be more grateful to her, she picked up our camera as she was being fucked in her sweet little vagina and she got us some amazing pictures.

My wife joined in on the action, I asked her to taste this hotties vagina too, I didn’t want her to miss out. Her boyfriend was busy licking out my wife too so it only seemed fair. My wife looked up at me with a look in her eyes that I will never forget, she was so happy for me to be fucking this woman.

This one of the first times this couple had done this and she was like a pornstar, as cliche as it sounds, she was like a caged animal unleashed for the first time. Fucking my dick as much as I was fucking her. She played with herself as I fucked her, getting the most pleasure imaginable from her experience.

My wife got this amazing shot of me fucking her whilst her boyfriend made her lick my wife’s cum from his dick.

Seeing that made me lose all control and I ended up cumming, I couldn’t help myself. I avoided cumming inside of her (one of our rules) but boy was I close.

There was so much damn cum, this woman had well and truly milked me.

The funny thing was as soon as I had come, I knew I could go again. I was rock solid even as my balls were emptied on to her tight pussy mound.

He played with his wife’s nipples as I teased the last of the cum from my dick but I knew and my wife knew that this wasn’t over for me.

There was so much cum!

My wife watched on in awe as my dick kept its hardness and slid itself back inside of her. She was surprised too. I told her I wasn’t done with her yet and her husband wasn’t done with my wife either.

She trembled with pleasure as I fucked her from behind, my wife was busy with her boyfriend, riding him like the good girl that she is. She began to cum all over my cock, telling me she had never cum like that before and I still didn’t stop.

I thrust deep into her as she was riding me, my wife licked her cum from my dick as her boyfriend used up my wife’s ass, coating her back in his seed.

My wife is such a good submissive girl and she licked every last drop up, moaning and thanking me as she did so.

We loved meeting this newbie couple and cannot wait to do it again with them.


  1. Her pussy with your cum on makes this cuck so hard

  2. You are living my dream, where do you find a wife like that? amazing.

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