can you help out some excited first-time swingers?

We saw a couple a few weeks ago now on some random site sharing their pictures about their whole swinging process, we didn't know if it was even real but my girlfriend and I talked about how sexy it was and how much it turned us both on. We talked for hours and hours about swinging, the reality of it, and how it would change us as a couple. We were both really up for it, thinking about one another with somebody else's partner was making us so horny, and then going home together at the end of the evening was just the cherry on top.

My girlfriend and I are a pretty open couple, we have had a threesome together before and we are always the first to try something new, it just can sometimes take a bit of a push in the right direction, however, we knew that swinging was something that was definitely on the cards for us we just needed to pace ourselves.

After our big chat about swinging, we decided the first step in pacing ourselves would be to see if we could take some pictures as they did and share them. Of course, it's not the same as swinging but having your pictures out there for everyone to see and judge, it was a big step and if we like this we may just move on up the ladder and eventually find ourselves swinging.

My girlfriend looked really cute that evening, wearing one of my favorite outfits of hers, my phone was charged and ready and we both thought, let's just go for it. The worst that can happen is that we have some gnarly pictures of her on my phone. All we ask is that if you do recognize my girlfriend please keep it to yourself.

My girlfriend isn't a shy person naturally but she can be quite camera shy, not knowing where to look and becoming quite rigid. We both wanted her to relax and so I took a few test shots to really get her to feel more comfortable. She eventually did start relaxing and it was wonderful. She sat back on our bed, her short little skirt just barely covering what is between her legs.

She looked really sexy, I didn't know if I could keep on taking these pictures or if I would have to fuck her first because my dick was excited watching her but I powered on through.

My girlfriend was getting turned on too, I could see her bare nipples raising through her tight black shirt. She asked me if I would want to fuck her if I were a swinger looking for some fun and I laughed at how ridiculous that question was, the answer I gave to her was 'who wouldn't want to fuck you?'.

She lay down on her side, running her hand up and over her curved feminine hips.

I told her to start touching herself and she did, she lay on her back and moved her hand between her legs. She played with her pussy from the outside of her panties and it was a great sight to behold.

She then slid off her panties and lay there, turning her head to me and biting her lower lip.

She then pulled down her shirt and exposed her perfect juicy breast to me, covering her pink nipple with her finger.

She began circling her finger around her nipple, making it grow harder and more erect with each passing moment. I watched her playing with herself like that for some time before asking her to get completely undressed.

She was nervous, she couldn't relax, she didn't want to be judged by strangers but she looked incredible. I couldn't take my eyes off of her feminine figure, her pert juicy breasts, and her swollen pink nipples, I wanted her so badly.

I thought about how lucky the man is who gets to fuck my girlfriend next, he gets to feel her soft body, her tight pussy and he gets to hear her moans in his ear.

For a second I had a fleeting moment of doubt about whether swinging was for us but then I caught a flash in my mind of my girlfriend riding another guy, sweat dripping from her head, her body aroused and sensitive to every touch and all of my doubts washed away.

My girlfriend paraded around our room, posing for me, her sleek figure highlighted by the dim lighting, and I knew that at that moment we had to follow our thoughts and start swinging.

I put my phone down and called her over, she straddled me completely naked, rubbing her bare pussy over my pants where my dick was erect and desperate for her touch. She released it with her hands and began riding me right there. Slipping my dick inside of her and getting off on me, using me like a dildo.

It was amazing, she treated me like a toy and wouldn't let me cum until she was finished, which didn't take long. Hearing her moans is like music to my ears and as soon as she had stopped bucking on my dick, I came too, filling her up with my seed and collapsing next to one another.

We talked about swinging again afterward and we both now really, really want to try it out, and if we do I will get the pictures uploaded to this Cuckin membership as my girlfriend loved taking these ones (as did I).

If you have any tips for us being first-time swingers and all, please let us know!


Part 2 is now up and live! Thank you for your submission. <3


  1. My only advice would be to have fun and make sure you know the rules. I can tell already you will be very popular.

  2. You look like you are very ready for it, I think you’ll be just fine. Very sexy.

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