I’m Bored…Rate me?

You may have seen my last post which was called what do you think of me? and apparently, a lot of you wanted to fuck me and actually do far dirtier things than that to me. I love reading your comments and messages I was so wet reading about all of the things you filthy men and women wanted to do to me and I even read your comments and emails to my eager husband who was insanely jealous.

You all told me my pictures were really cute too, it made me want to take some more. When I took these earlier, I had just come home from work, reading your messages again on my commute and as soon as I showered, I ran into my bedroom and started playing with myself, eager to take some more pictures so that you can tell me more filthy, shameful things you want to do to me.

I wasn’t sure if I should take my panties off or not?

My nipples are crazy sensitive, will you play with them? suck on them and treat them however you want to? I can also milk them, would you like me to do that for you?

A guy at work today couldn’t stop staring at my breasts and all I could do was try and not start touching myself in the staff bathroom. He was obviously imagining what they looked like out my shirt, well if you’re here, here they are!

My pussy was creating such a big wet patch inside of my panties, I had to move them to one side.

Would you like to taste my wet, warm hole? I want your big cock inside of me that’s for sure, my husbands cock most certainly cannot do the job.

I am playing with my clit right now, I am so wet. I just want to be fucked.

Do you like this view? I wish it was your head down there rather than my camera, I know you would fuck me well and never let me forget it.

Oh my God, I have been getting off so hard to your messages and comments please keep sending me more. I love reading them and fingering myself, bringing myself to orgasm over your words. My husband cannot do anything except watch me.


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