I Watched My Friend’s Wife Masturbate

Well here’s a story I never thought I would share, I never actually wanted to share it with anyone but reading the stories here on the cuckin membership and seeing others share their intimate moments made me say ‘fuck it’ and I thought it was time to share one of the best nights of my entire life with likeminded people.

I had been friends with this guy for four years, we will call him John for privacy purposes. John and I had been through some great times together and we are still friends to this day because he is great and he actually wanted this to happen. It wasn’t something I had ever really explored before nor understood but it was so erotic.

John got a girlfriend, Mel, she was smoking hot, I mean like nothing either of us had ever seen before. She rocked his world and after they got together I barely saw him. I don’t blame him for ghosting me, he was fucking a woman neither of us could ever have fucked before so I wasn’t too resentful, I just missed my buddy.

We went from meeting every day to once a month and it did hurt but I wanted him to have a great time with this drop-dead gorgeous woman. He told me about the kind of sex they were having, he told me all about her pussy and how she fucked him like a pornstar. She let him try anal and she even licked his ass without him asking.

I won’t lie and say it didn’t make me hard and jealous because it did.

I thought Mel would soon be done with him but they eventually got married. That sounds bad to say but I thought that she just wasn’t the type of girl to stick around and I thought that once he lost that virginal charm, she would be gone. John hadn’t had as much experience as me (not that I had had a lot) so I didn’t think he would see it coming, at all. However, I was so wrong about her and him, their relationship wasn’t all that it seemed. One evening John opened up to me about cuckolding, I was confused at first, I didn’t really understand the concept of it, but I went home and did my research and I started to get where John was coming from. He had opened up to me about his love for it and how much he enjoyed this type of relationship and although I was listening, I didn’t really take in the fact that he meant he was part of that relationship with Mel.

The Night She Masturbated For Me

It was one of the rare occasions that I was going round to Johns’s house to chill out and play some video games, his wife wasn’t supposed to be there and it was going to be a boy’s night, finally.

I arrived a little early and knocked, only John didn’t open the door Mel did. I was taken aback, she was so sickeningly beautiful and she knew it. She told me that John wasn’t here and that he had gone out of town, I didn’t believe her so I came in anyway and waited for him on the couch.

Mel told me again that she wasn’t lying that he had blown us both off. I rang John and he told me that something had come up, he told me he was sorry but he would see me the next day and to just enjoy my evening with Mel instead, ‘She will look after you, who knows you might really get along’, he said. He sounded happy, jovial as he ended the call. I stared at my phone, a little peeved off that he had blown me off like that.

I got up to leave and Mel asked if I would stay for a little while and keep her company, she was breathtaking to look at so trust me when I say it was hard to say no to her. She got us both a drink and we turned on the TV, we engaged in some small talk but I couldn’t help but become tongue-tied around her, she was captivating on a whole other level. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra under her grey shirt, her puffy nipples visible to me across the couch.

We sipped on our drinks and I realized she was more than an insane body and face, she was actually really funny and interesting and I felt a pang of jealousy that she was with John when he couldn’t even be bothered to show up for us both.

I was feeling horny, seeing her tits through her shirt had made me so hard.

Somehow we ended up making out, the spontaneity of it had clouded my judgment and now her tongue was down my throat. She was such a good kisser, her petite body pressing against me as she kissed me so passionately I could have cum in my pants right then.

She told me she couldn’t fuck me, she was with John after all but if I wanted to watch her masturbate there would be no harm in that. I thought about it for a second and I justified it, I wasn’t fucking her, just watching her like a voyeur. She told me I could take pictures and videos so long as I showed John and I agreed, not really taking in what she had just said, my cock desperate to see her body.

I followed her to John’s bedroom and she began undressing, her tits were just how I had imagined, her nipples puffy, her tits small yet still a handful.

She posed for the camera, showing off her body and running her hands over her ass and tits, I was so fucking horny.

She began touching herself through her tiny panties, I was in heaven, I had to pinch myself to make sure that this wasn’t some sick dream.

Suddenly I knew all at once how John had become so distant, he was coming home to this fucking incredible woman every single night. She told me how when he worked late she masturbated so really I wasn’t doing anything wrong by watching.

Mel pulled her panties to one side and began playing with her pussy again, I could see it was wet. I could also see the promise ring that John had given her but I just had to ignore that, it was a boner killer. She moaned and looked at me as she played with herself.

My cock was throbbing and aching, after this, I knew I was going to get into my car and cum into my hands, I didn’t care. I stood with my mouth open as she played with herself, she laughed and turned over, showing me her thick ass.

She then started teasing me, I told her not too, I told her that this was hard enough but she couldn’t resist and all I could think about was all of the things John had told me about her pussy and the anal sex they had.

I whispered and asked if I could see her ass and she wiggled her finger at me before asking me to beg and I am not ashamed to say that I begged to see her ass.

She began peeling back her panties, exposing her asshole to me and I felt my entire body twitching in desperation. It dawned on me suddenly, maybe John had set this all up? No, there’s no way I thought to myself.

I’ve decided to split this submission into two parts, I was getting too horny writing it and remembering what had happened that night so I need to go and jerk off. Click here for the update.


  1. You have more self-control than me, I would have fucked her all night long

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