I Watched My Friend’s Wife Masturbate Part 2

If you need part 1 of this submission, you can find it here.

I begged to see her ass, Mel slowly peeled back her panties before stopping and asking if I would fuck her and I said:

‘Yes, I would fuck you everyday for the rest of my life if I could’.

She smiled and began rubbing her hands over ass before pulling her tiny panties to one side and showing me her ass and pussy hole. John had told me all about what anal actually felt like and how much she loved it and it’s all I could think about.

She teased me by wiggling her ass at me, encouraging me to take photos of it and pulling her panties so that they stimulated her. She rubbed her fingers against her ass and even began pushing a finger inside of herself, a little bit of cum escaped my cock inside of my pants.

She then played with her pussy, telling me she needed it to be as wet as possible for her thick dildo that she was going to use whilst I watched.

She removed her panties and I just couldn’t believe how good she looked.

I had never seen a woman use a dildo in the flesh before but I figured it would look amazing, especially with this woman in charge of using it. I just wanted to bury my tongue between those cheeks but I knew I had to resist otherwise it would be unfair to John.

She opened her legs for me, asking me to tell her what I thought of her pink pussy and the only word that came out of my mouth was ‘perfect’ and she laughed.

I couldn’t get over how lucky John was, her pussy was so perfect, it was pink, glistening and so inviting.

She grabbed her dildo and began using it, I couldn’t believe how hot she looked and as soon as it was inside of her she began moaning, looking at me, and then saying my name as she thrust it inside of her. I just about came there and then.

I got this shot of her before Mel thrust the dildo back inside of herself, she told me she was going to cum and she wanted me to watch intently. I can’t believe she even thought I would look away from this.

She teased the dildo inside of her and then began thrusting against her clit and g-spot before beginning to cum, she pinched at her nipples as she fucked herself and came all over the dildo and the bedsheets all whilst saying my name.

I just couldn’t get over what I was seeing, I was in awe of her.

Mel panted and through the dildo, to one side as she looked at me, I thanked her. We went back downstairs and sat in silence for a moment before I made my excuses to leave. My cock was clearly visibly hard through my pants and I had to cum before I even attempted driving home. As I got to my car I saw John’s car, surely he would have been in it wherever he was? I then looked up at their house and saw two figures in their kitchen. Was that John?

I touched my cock, I exploded within seconds, coating myself and my steering wheel in my cum. Panting I looked back at their house, the shadows now gone. I drove home and a text came through on my phone. It was John.

“Hey man, Mel told me she had a great night and she wants to do it again sometime”, is all it said. Did John set this up? I got onto my phone and researched more about cuckolding and all answers pointed to absolutely yes.

That was the hottest thing to ever happen to me and I swore to never tell a soul, not until I joined this membership anyway.


  1. I think John set it up but who cares? that was fucking hot.

    • Agreed. That was so hot but I think John knew man. But do you care?

  2. John is very lucky he gets to have sex with her anytime, he is just extending that good luck to you

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