I Watched As My Wife Fucked Another Man

We had it all planned, I was going to sit in the corner and watch as my wife fucked another man. It was a fantasy we had both always thought about but one we never thought would come true.

We found the right man via a dating app, set the date and so it was settled that he would come to our house and fuck my wife whilst I sat helpless in the corner watching as she enjoyed his body and he got to enjoy my wife.

These are some of the messages between my wife and her new bull a few days before we met:

This was going to turn me on so much, seeing my wife pleasure another man was something I had always imagined, and finally, the day had come.

Part of the deal was that we got to capture it in pictures, that way I could remember that humiliating yet very arousing feeling forever.

It started out on the deck, the initial meeting wasn't even awkward, my wife offered him a refreshment and then we got down to business. He asked if she wanted to suck his cock in front of her husband and she got down on her whore knees and began to unbutton his jeans.

I couldn't believe it when she began sucking his cock straight away, she didn't even hesitate as she began sucking and enjoying every inch of his manhood.

She took his cock deep and I had to get a little bit closer to really see how far she was taking it down her throat, she never took mine that deep. He was pushing her head down, forcing her to take it all and she was loving it.

I love this shot, seeing her licking the pre-cum from his cock and seeing her breasts spilling out of the top of her shirt was one of my favorite memories from that day.

We decided to move into the family room where he removed her shirt and sucked on her breasts, I sat in the armchair and just watched them. He removed her panties and began fucking her pussy with his fingers, her sweet tight pussy that had always pleased me was now being finger fucked by another man and I loved it.

He really knew what he was doing with his fingers, making her moan and shout his name. I could see how wet she was and I wasn't even touching her. Her breasts looked amazing as he finger fucked her and from the noises, she was making I knew she was on the edge of an orgasm.

As soon as his tongue touched her clit she gripped onto his hair and told him not to stop, her legs were shaking as he licked her clit and began to bring her to orgasm. She was panting and squeezing her nipple when suddenly she erupted and cum dripped from her pussy as he licked it all up with his tongue, my cock twitched with anticipation.

My wife sucked this stranger's dick again, she said she loved it as it was bigger than mine. He told her to take all of it down her throat and she did.

He picked my wife up and took her to the bedroom, I followed and watched them from the corner of the room. He lay her down on the bed and began sliding his cock inside of her throbbing pussy, she was still coming down from her orgasm as he pushed himself off my wife's pussy.

He fucked her slowly at first, building up speed and making her beg for it. Seeing his cock inside of her filled me with jealousy but also aroused me more than I had ever been aroused before in my life. It was so hot to watch my wife take his cock and enjoy every inch.

She took every inch of him, I was so jealous. He fucked her hard and fast now, she was moaning and gripping the sheets and her tits. He kept on saying how tight and wet she was and then turning to look at me. I couldn't help but touch myself, I was so turned on.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and my wife was loving every second of it. She loved having a new cock inside of her and I knew she was getting off at me not being able to join in.

He told her to suck his cock so she got onto her whore knees again and took his wet cock into her mouth, sucking off her own juices.

He couldn't hold in his cum any longer as he began to cum all over her face, shooting cum into her mouth and all over her chin, I watched it drip down and onto her chest. She looked so sexy.

She cleaned the tip of his dick with her lips and tongue, he thanked her and she thanked him. I was desperate to get my dick sucked but I just had to watch on.

He left our house after my wife kissed him goodbye and he squeezed her ass as they made out. My wife removed her now cum splattered skirt and relaxed on the couch whilst I sat and watched her from the armchair.

She was so relaxed but she still caught my eye and began playing with herself as she caught me looking.

I told her not to tease me anymore as I couldn't take it, I told her I would have to fuck her if she didn't stop.

She opened her legs and exposed her pussy to me, red and raw from the fucking she had just gotten.

She was playing with herself just how I liked, playing with her clit and whispering my name. It was too much for me to bear, I had to turn off the camera and fuck her.

I hope you enjoyed our cuckold, I certainly did.


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