I Was A Cuckold For My Girlfriend (Lesbian)

My girlfriend (Alana) and I have always been a bit ‘out there’ in the bedroom, anal, pegging, BDSM, fetishes, and just about anything you can think of have been tried by us. The night I met my girlfriend she fucked me and when I say she fucked ME, I mean it. She blew my mind that night and ever since then I knew she was the one.

I had never met a girl so freaky, she is up for trying anything, we have even had sex on a bridge that looks over the highway, we fucked in doggy style on that bridge and I filled her ass up with my throbbing cock and cum whilst cars could see us and once done we ticked it off of our bucket list.

One of the very few things we hadn’t tried was a cuckold scenario but with a twist, she wanted to try it with a woman whilst I watched. My girlfriend had never really experimented with women, she had made out with some women in college and even tried fingering her roommate but this was all new to her and to me. She had opened up to me about her attraction to women and her failures to explore those parts of herself and so Alana’s wish was my command.

We invited over a mutual friend, Lindsay, she had worked with Alana a couple of years back and they had always got on well. She had always been attracted to Alana and was never coy about it, she was a lesbian who was ok with openly flirting with Alana all of the time. Lindsay is so hot, big breasts, a gorgeous body and. She never held back from saying how much she wanted to ravish my girlfriend’s sweet little pussy and pop her lesbian cherry but we always laughed it off. When we called her up and asked her if the offer still stood she thought we were joking at first but then she realized that we couldn’t have been more serious and we arranged a date, a time and now it was finally time for it to go ahead. Lindsay was going to be perfect.

I decided I was going to take pictures, I couldn’t forget this moment and my girlfriend also wanted it, she said she wanted to feel like a virginal lesbian pornstar and whatever she wanted she got from me.

Our mutual friend Lindsay was very good at accomodating Alana. She completely relaxed her and made her fantasy become a reality. Watching them together was like seeing something I shouldn’t have, she asked to see Alana’s teeny small tits, Alana unclasped her bra and Lindsay smiled as she revealed them to her. I captured the perfect moment of them undressing and showing off their bodies. Lindsay couldn’t stop talking about how hot my girlfriend was, she was besotted by her and I must say I did feel a pang of jealousy.

At this point she kept on saying how she had always imagined my girlfriend’s tits when she masturbated, she always wanted to know what they tasted like and what her nipple would feel like on her tongue. My girlfriend was smiling the whole time, loving this new kind of attention.

After their tits were out, things started moving pretty fast. I was touching myself, I couldn’t help it. Watching this woman marvel at my girlfriend and undress her, worshipping every inch of her. She was under my girlfriend’s spell but my girlfriend was also under hers, she was groping her breasts and even running her fingers across her pussy mound, my girlfriend was moaning as Lindsay began suckling on her nipples.

I was desperate to join in but Lindsay nor Alana wanted me too, they just wanted me to watch.

Once they were undressed Lindsay told my girlfriend to sit on her face, she was a bit unsure at first but once Lindsay pushed her experienced tongue into her cute little pussy Alana was moaning so loud. Lindsay knew exactly what she was doing, taking my girlfriends clit and sucking it deep into her mouth whilst running her hands up and down her legs and squeezing my girlfriend’s sweet little ass.

Lindsay was also touching herself which was so erotic to see, Lindsay was enjoying every minute of this and her neat lesbian pussy was dripping wet as she played with herself whilst pleasuring Alana.

My girlfriend was so close to an orgasm that she decided to grab one of her favorite toys for Lindsay to enjoy with her.

My girlfriend was using one of her favorite sex toys on Lindsay, letting her feel the vibrations and stimulation inside of her tight lesbian pussy. From where I was standing taking the pictures I could see that Lindsay’s pussy was extremely tight and I would have done anything at the moment to join in with them both.

They decided to change positions, my girlfriend was so wet and Lindsay wanted to please her. She loved my girlfriend’s pussy, she worshipped it like it was the last thing on Earth. Lindsay was so good at pleasuring my girlfriend that she began to cum, her body was trembling and cum was pouring from her pussy hole and all over the sheets. Lindsay made eye contact with me as if to say “Look what I just did” as she gave head to the sex toy, I was so turned on, my cock was throbbing and practically forcing itself out of my pants.

My girlfriend asked Lindsay if she could fuck her with her favorite sex toy and Lindsay got onto all fours, Lindsay and Alana were so wet. My girlfriend struggled to get the sex toy inside of Lindsay, she was so tight but once she was inside she was thrusting into her like a pro, I was proud of her.

Lindsay moaned and thrust back onto the sex toy and my girlfriend pinched at her own tits and even slipped her finger into Lindsay’s ass during the heat of the moment.

I would have done anything to join in, I would have settled for just sucking on one of their tits but I didn’t I restrained myself and I got some great pictures of my girlfriend fucking Lindsay.

Lindsay wanted to go down on Alana again but she was having none of it. “Please let me taste your pussy again Alana”, she said but my girlfriend being as defiant as ever told Lindsay she wanted to feel what it was like to make a girl cum and so she got onto all fours and began sucking on Lindsay’s clit, she was doing just what Lindsay had done to her earlier and it was making Lindsay squirm and shake with pleasure.

My girlfriend looked so hot going down on a woman, I just wanted to fuck her right there. She was doing wonders to Lindsay’s pussy, she was almost cumming and I could tell my girlfriend was overjoyed at herself.

I got this beautiful close up of my girlfriends pussy whilst she was eating out Lindsay, I figured her pussy is too amazing not to share. I couldn’t wait to fill it with my cum later on if she let me.

Whilst I was imagining all of the things I was going to do to my girlfriend later I heard Lindsay begin to scream out in pleasure, moaning my girlfriend’s name as she brought her to orgasm. Lindsay was grabbing at her nipples as Alana kept her clit firmly in her mouth and deeply fingered her pussy.

I took this after shot of Lindsay’s wet pussy coated in her own cum and my girlfriend’s spit. It was so hot.

I loved taking these pictures and now I came come back and look at them whenever I want. Thank you Lindsay for the best time ever.


    • Me too, I’ve never seen anything like it.

  1. Holy fuck, seeing your wife like that has me rock solid, you must have been 10x worse.

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