I Want To Play With You

I get bored on my own and horny in a way that I can’t describe. Whilst my husband is away for work  I miss him loads when he is gone and it’s not just me that misses him but my pussy and my mouth miss him very much too.

I sent him a little something extra naughty when he was away this time, my husband loves it when I send him jerk off instructions like these, I was showing him what I wanted to do to his cock and my bull’s cock and I wanted to share that with you and if you are seeing this and you have a cock I want you to join in, see if you can keep up with what my mouth commands of you, ready?

Let’s play!

I want you to make sure that you’re nice and hard for me before we start, okay?

Can you do that?

That’s it, take your cock and rub it real nice, up and down, up and down. Once you’re hard honey I want you to watch this and jerk yourself off imagining that this is your special cock or me with a bull of you’re choosing, whichever you prefer, my tongue twirling and licking around it, teasing you just how you like it…

Mmmm my mouth is so wet and warm for your cock, the very tip just balancing against my tongue as I softly lick and suck you off. Do you like that?

That’s it, rub your cock just how you like it and imagine your delicious cock in my warm mouth being treated like the best thing I had ever put in there…

Mmmm it feels so good doesn’t it honey?

Now, I want you to cum exactly when I say so, not a moment before or after. Are you ready for that challenge big boy?

Feeling your yummy cock in my mouth makes me so wet and horny, my little pussy feels like it’s aching it wants you so badly.

Mmmm wow, do you feel my saliva running down your cock? It trickles down all the way down to your tight balls, making you feel a shiver of pleasure all over.

Do you want me this badly too honey?

All I can think about is your cock inside of me, however, you want it.

I’ve been working on my deepthroating skills since you have been away…

What do you think? Make sure you’re jerking to my rhythm, okay honey?

Go nice and slow now…edge yourself, honey…

Now speed up! Match my rhythm as you jerk your cock.

That’s it! God, Yes! You look and feel so good in my mouth.

I want to show you how I dressed up for you, but keep jerking yourself off, don’t stop okay?

Do you see how wet and ready I am for you? I want your hard cock inside of me so badly.

Keep jerking yourself, don’t stop because I want you to cum for me, leave your load inside of my throat, okay?

Get ready, start jerking yourself real fast now, just how you like it…

Here we go honey, I want you to follow my rhythm and cum for me when you see me reach zero on my fingers, okay? Oh God, I can’t wait to taste your delicious cum…

Mmmm wow! Thank you so much honey, I really needed that now hurry up and get your ass home so that you or my bull can fuck me properly, okay?

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