I Want To Fuck My Husbands Friends

Unlike a lot of other wives out there, I’m very close to my husband’s friends. I’m not the type who prefers to spend every waking moment with my man and don’t allow him to be with his pals. On the contrary, I like it when he spends time with them because it means I get to hang out with all his cute buddies and I want to be the hotwife that fucks them all with my hubby’s permission.

My husband works in an I.T. company so it’s no surprise that he has many male friends from work. They like to get drinks every Friday night and I, as his girlfriend for over a year, get to tag along and mingle with his friends and their girlfriends/wives. Frankly, I don’t like any of the other wives because obviously, my man is the hottest in the group and I don’t like other women eyeing him up or touching him.

However, I noticed that my man has many handsome and sexy male friends, and not all of them are committed. In fact, many of them are still single. I especially adore Mark, Tim, and Patrick who work in the same department as my husband. These young men are very well-built with smoldering eyes that seem to undress me especially when I’m wearing my revealing clothes. Sometimes it feels as if we are all thinking the same thing, how good it would be to bend me over and fuck me right there.

One Friday night, my husband took me with him to the place where he and his buddies often hang out. To my surprise and delight, I was the only woman present. I wish I had worn something sexier than my turtleneck knee-length red dress and high heels. I listened attentively to the men as they talked about their work. I would laugh at their silly jokes and sometimes I would join in their conversation.

“How are you, Grace? By the way, you look hot!” Tim whispered in my ear when my man went to the bathroom. I flashed him my most brilliant smile and said thank you.

Patrick leaned across the table and said, “I think that Rob is very lucky to have you.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet,” I gushed.

Mark looked at me and winked. “I bet not as sweet as you are.”

I felt myself blush and turn crimson red at all of the attention I was getting. I couldn’t believe these men were flirting with me.

“Did I miss something?” Rob asked, claiming his place next to me. “Did you boys give her a hard time?”

We all laughed and I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. He gets jealous easily but I find that very sweet. He is the best husband ever, though sometimes he can be very conservative in the bedroom.

Rob and I have been married for almost a year. We have sex every week especially during weekends when I have him all to myself and he doesn’t have to go anywhere for work. He’s very conservative when it comes to sex but I always make sure he enjoys it. I also introduced him to various new sex positions and other ways of satisfying our sexual desires that he hadn’t even dreamed of before.

I always look forward to our weekends together but unfortunately on this particular weekend, he had to fly to L.A. for a conference. I was all alone at my apartment with nothing to do. It was raining outside so I decided to stay home and surf the web. I was busy reading some celebrity news online but one ad caught my attention. I clicked it and I was surprised to find myself on an adult site. I browsed several videos, touching myself lightly to some labeled as threesomes and group sex and soon I felt myself getting hot to the content I was absorbing.

I haven’t masturbated alone for a long time especially since I have my husband to satisfy my needs but when I was alone that afternoon, with the rain pouring outside and with nothing to do, I felt the urge to solo play. As I became hornier and hornier, I thought about Rob but soon his face was replaced by those of his friends. I’ve always fantasized about being close to them but I felt so guilty as their faces swarmed my mind that I stopped. However, I was still so horny and now I was desperate to masturbate, I tried thinking of anything but sex but it just wasn’t working and soon I realized that I had nothing to lose and it wouldn’t be like cheating on Rob anyway, it was just my imagination, wasn’t it?

I turned off my laptop and went to bed. I took off my clothes and settled myself on my bed. I closed my eyes and thought about Tim, Mark, and Patrick. Their handsome faces filled my thoughts and I imagined them being there with me on my bed naked as well.

Tim was moving his face close to mine and I closed my eyes tightly imagining him giving me a very torrid French kiss while I ran my fingers into his thick blonde hair. I moaned as I touched my already wet pussy, imagining it was Tim’s fingers brushing my labia. He would then slowly open my pussy and insert his middle and index fingers inside of me.

Soon, it was Mark I was thinking of. I imagined him on top of me as I spread my legs apart and continued to finger fuck myself. I thought about his broad chest and muscular legs and how he’d look pulling his big cock in and out of my pussy. I moaned loudly as I spread my legs apart and raised them high. Mark was fucking me hard, slowly at first and then fast.

I opened my eyes and stopped fingering myself just before I almost felt myself reach my peak. I still have one guy to fuck in my mind and I saved the best for last. Patrick is the most attractive among them and he always looked at me with his teasing eyes and seductive smile. I closed my eyes once again and moved my left fingers inside my juicy pussy. I stimulated my clit with my right index finger and as I imagined Patrick plunging deep and fast inside me, I was almost panting for air.

In my mind, Patrick lunged one more time and I felt my body shudder in an earth-shattering climax. I could literally see stars behind my closed eyelids as the tingling sensations erupted within me. It was undoubtedly one of the best orgasms I ever had for a long time. Suddenly, my phone rang and I picked it up. It was Rob asking how I was doing and I told him, “Oh baby, I just had the most wonderful dream!”

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