I Sent These Slutty Pictures To My Gardener

I am a bored, lonely housewife. My husband is never home and when he is he doesn’t pay any attention to me.

My husband had an affair with his secretary, cliche I know, and he expected me to just get over it after a few months. I didn’t get over it and instead I turned my attention to our gardener, a tanned, young man who does a marvelous job with our bushes.

We haven’t actually fucked yet, he has a girlfriend but I suck his cock every time he comes around. He loves it when I’m wearing nothing but the robe my husband bought me last Christmas.

My husband has no idea what I am up to, at least I don’t think he does. I sneak off to send my gardener pictures of myself and he never questions it anyway.

My gardener gives me so much attention and he loves it when I blow up his phone with pictures and these ones made him blow his load whilst hiding in the bedroom away from his girlfriend.

Although we haven’t fucked yet, I like to drive him wild with pictures of my body. He loves it when I walk around my house naked under my robe and him seeing my body in these pictures gives him an instant erection.

He loves my tits, he likes to play with them whilst I am sucking him off. When I sent him this picture, that’s when he told me he had to leave the couch with his girlfriend and hide away in their bedroom whilst playing with himself.


This is one of my favorite pictures of myself, when my gardener saw it he sent me some pictures of his cock, he told me it was begging for my mouth.

My nipples love to be played with and when he pinches and sucks them when I suck him off it always makes me so wet.

My gardener told me that he can’t wait for me to be riding his cock with my large breasts bouncing in front of his face.

He has only ever looked at my vagina, never touched it so I like to tease him with these little snapshots of my tight housewife kitty.

He likes me to be naked in this position when I am reaching up to get a cup to make a drink, I always take my time reaching for the cups right at the back. He texted me back when I sent this picture saying he had just cum looking at my ass like this, remembering the first time that I reached up to grab him so lemonade, he then told me he had to fuck me the next time he sees me, no more playing around and I am so excited.



  1. You are perfect. How has he resisted fucking you for so long??

  2. My favorite kind of nipples, big and juicy. I wish I was your gardener

  3. I fantasize about my wife doing stuff like this, I hope your husband is sitting jerking off knowing what you are up too, naughty little slut.

  4. I used to do gardening for a MILF when I was younger and she was as kinky as you, she used to do things like let her robe slip off, bend down and show me her cleaveage and rub past my cock intentionally. We never actually did anything but boy did I jerk off that whole summer thinking about her.

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