I Love Sucking Dick It Makes Me So Wet

I'm Lilly's boyfriend from the last user submissions (part one - part two).

I've had a few girlfriends, but Lilly is the first that actually loves giving blow jobs.

Before her, I'd never been with a woman that let me give her a facial or would let me cum down her throat.

These pictures were meant to be for our private collection, but the girlfriend persuaded me to upload them here for you guys.

The day started with us walking our dog, it was a Saturday and that's how we usually start the weekend.

We've been having amazing weather, so we took him down to the dog park.

The sun does something to my girlfriend and by the time we were back at our apartment she wanted to do something extra naughty.

She said she would give me the best blow job of my life if I licked her ass.

I could only take one picture as I had my hands full licking her ass and pussy.

Once she had come all over my face she told me to get the camera and that it was my turn.

I could feel the inside of her throat as she swallowed my dick.

There was a mirror right behind her, so this was my view:

She usually just swallows, but she asked if we could move to the kitchen (tile floors) so I could finish over her.

She may be a freak, but she would never allow cum on our new carpet.

So we went to the kitchen and I came all over her face and mouth.

Here's the after shots.

She then cleaned herself up and got changed again.

This took me a few days to even think about uploading. We now have lots of images in our private collection and we are very happy to share them.

What do you all think of my girlfriend? Would you cum all over her like that?

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  1. I love following your submissions. Lilly has progressed so much. To answer your question, Yes I would cum all over her like that and use her as my own cum dump, would she like that?

  2. I imagine I am your neighbour and you tease me walking around our complex wearing just that, your nipples make me so hard and I can’t help but rub one out as you walk your dog mindlessly around and around, unaware of what you are doing to me and my cock.

  3. I would love for her to take my cum like that mmmm

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