I Like To Fuck Beta Males

Hey, my name is Raye, I have been apart of this membership for ages and decided it was time that I shared my own dirty little secret. I don’t have any pictures of what I am about to tell you, but here’s a selfie I took last night so you know what I look like.

I’ve got a very particular kink, I enjoy fucking men who look like they don’t get a lot of women.

The more unconfident, shy, and insecure they are, the more they turn me on. I love cucks, sissies, and all kinks against the 'norm', the men that enjoy these things make my heart race and my pussy flutter.


When I was in my late teens I had sex with a few hot, confident guys (the alpha male type) and it was fun, but I always felt there were expectations on me and it felt like they only knew one sexual mode, hard. Rough and hard sex can be fun, but to go from 0 – 100 every time, that’s awful.

I tried to guide and give some advice about what I liked and it would always end in them having bruised egos and blaming me.

It wasn’t till I was in my twenties that I went on a night out and one of my friend’s brothers came along (he was 22 if I remember correctly).

He was shy and I could tell he felt out of his depth being out with a group of girls.

Everyone was ignoring him and I decided to spend some time and get to know him.

I could tell I was one of the first attractive women to be interested in him and after a few hours, I kissed him.

I could feel his heart pounding and how nervous he was and I could feel the judgment from my friends and his sister, which made me want to do it even more.

We kissed and I could tell he was a little inexperienced, I decided to lead him and tell him what to do.

He was so receptive and I could tell it was such a big deal for him.

I decided to take him back to my apartment, I could tell this was the first time a girl had ever offered him back, and knowing how big of a deal this was to him made me so wet.

We got to mine, started making out and I then started giving him a blowjob.

I could feel he was shy about his body and dick size and it just turned me on even more.

We then went to my bedroom and had sex, now, he came the first time in seconds and said sorry, but we waited for about 5 minutes and he was ready to go again, this time he lasted a few minutes, but then 10 minutes later he was ready to go again, this time he lasted 10 minutes and we stayed up all night having sex and doing everything he wanted too.

He listened to everything I said and it just felt so beautiful.

I didn’t have an orgasm, but it was still one of the best sexual experiences of my life.

I then masturbated about that night for weeks and that’s where the kink started developing.


Now that I know it’s a kink, I’ve explored it and I now slut up wearing my most beautiful lingerie and a short skirt and I make a beeline for the men I know are inexperienced and shy, the kind of guys who normally don’t go home with hot girls.

I don’t care about dick size, in fact, I prefer men with smaller, they are usually the best at being told what to do and once they learn to use their smaller cocks it can feel way better than a guy with a massive cock who just shoves it in.

I still don’t know if it’s the control I like or the way their face looks when I ask them to come to the bathroom with me and I then suck their cock, or maybe it’s the look when I take my clothes off and they see my cute sheer lingerie.

It could even be the way they don’t even last one second inside of me or it’s the noise of the moan when they can’t hold their orgasm in anymore and I have only just started the blowjob and I know they just want to impress me, but they can’t hold on.

Either way, I’m addicted to this type of sex and I couldn’t even dream of fucking an alpha male, seriously give me your pimples, unconfident guy with dick issues, cucks, any day of the week over what I used to like.

As long as he is clean and kind, my legs just fucking open, it’s actually quite bad. I suppose you could call me a slut.

Would you let me fuck you? Are you a little beta cuck?


  1. I am a beta cuck and most certainly would let you fuck me! Make me fall for your beauty in a way that I can resist any ideas that you have for me and things you decide to tech me to please you! Eat your pussy to your climax’s because I cum seconds into you touching me and the instant the tip of my duck touches the entrance of your pussy, before I get the whole thing inside. The smile and giggle I can imagine I’d see come from your reaction would have me in awestruck wonder of what’s to come next. Listening to your command to clean up my mess and eat your pussy clean and like the good boy I am!

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