I Just Had To Watch As A Couple Used My Wife As A Sex Toy

I am a cuck, it’s no secret. I love seeing my wife get fucked by another man, I love feeling invisible in the room whilst they are having their fun and I love smelling his cum on her when they are done. It’s a kink and a kink a lot of people are too afraid to uncover but luckily for me, my wife was really open to it and she didn’t shame me when I brought it up, we talked about it and we found a way that works for us. 

My wife and I are very open with one another, any problems we talk about it and so opening up our relationship and letting me live out my cuckold fantasy was nothing but a pleasure, and having all of these new adventures with my wife has been really eye-opening. I am aware of how lucky I am, so please never think I take that for granted. When we were setting up our last ‘meet’ we came across a guy who did it with his wife, we were initially not interested in the idea but the more we thought about it the more we opened up to the idea of having two people pleasuring my wife, a husband and wife duo making her scream like never before all whilst I get to sit back and enjoy. We messaged them back and before we knew it we were on our way to meeting this couple, anxious and excited for another new adventure. 

My wife had bought some new lingerie for the occasion, she told me she hadn’t been with another woman since college, a story she told me about in great detail as we drove to our destination. She told me how she and her friend had made out as a joke but came to realize they both enjoyed it, they made out whenever they got the chance and one thing lead to another before they found they were fondling one another and fingering one another almost every day. She told me she had cum so hard with her friend but she realized she wanted a boyfriend and things just fizzled out between them. The story turned me on and I was driving down the freeway with an erection that could have steered the wheel by itself. I rubbed my cock through my pants as I drove and it got me even more excited for the night that lay ahead. 

We got to their house and we were all so excited, they were a really great couple but we were all so horny and excited that we just got down to business almost instantly. They were both really cool with me taking pictures and before I knew it she was making out with my wife whilst I and her husband talked. I could see my wife getting really turned on being kissed by her, it was obviously bringing back all of her old college memories. Her husband knocked me on the arm before walking off and getting himself involved, I pulled out my camera and began rubbing my cock as I observed from afar. I wanted them to really get into my wife before I got closer, I wanted my wife to forget I was there and be used by this sexy couple. 

As soon as I heard my wife’s moans I took my camera and I decided to get a few shots, I didn’t think they would be teaming her they way they did and that made things even more erotic for me. He was enjoying her beautiful pussy without a condom, feeling her tight walls contracting around his thick cock.

As he was pushing his cock inside of his wife’s soaking wet cunt my wife was playing with his wife’s pussy and tits, running her hands all over her body. A pang of jealousy hit me but that jealousy turns into lust for me and knowing how much they were taking advantage of my wife whilst all I could do was watch was arousing me more than I had ever experienced before. 

He knew how to use his cock, listening to his wife’s body, and making her moan. 

He used my wife like a rag doll, telling her where to be, what position to be in, and then fucking her tight cunt with force and power. His wife would play with my wife’s body as he fucked her and she was enjoying it as much as they both were. After my wife mentioned how good he was to me she went back to pretending I wasn’t there, acting like a pornstar for him and showing him moves even I had never seen before. 

My wife turns into such a whore when she is being fucked by anyone other than me. She got so wet and I could see her pussy throbbing for more whenever he pulled out of her. His wife was playing with herself when her husband was fucking my wife, enjoying seeing her husband railing another woman. They all acted as if I wasn’t there until my wife turned to me and said: “Sweetie, this feels so good. His cock is making me want him to just cum inside of me and get me pregnant, I have never wanted that from you”. Whilst most people would recoil from this statement, it turned me on and my wife knew exactly what she was doing. As a cuck, I can’t tell you how hard that made me. 

My wife was fucking herself on his cock, rocking back and forth as he just watched her do all of the work. It was terrific to watch and seeing her juices slathering all over his cock with each thrust is a sight I will never get out of my mind. 

His wife was kissing and playing with my wife as she fucked his cock, she was with her tits and even sliding her finger into her ass every now and again, making my wife moan louder. 

My wife isn’t one to shout demands in the bedroom, she is far more submissive but she was so lost in the moment with these two that she started saying things like “Fuck me harder”, “Get me pregnant with your sperm, I want you to breed me”. I had never heard my wife say anything like this before so although it was a shock it was a huge turn-on for me watching. The thought of my own wife forgetting I was even present, begging a man to impregnate her made my cock twitch with excitement.

Both of our wives loved sucking his cock, pleasuring his throbbing erection. My wife was right, his cock was not even comparable to mine, he was blessed, one load from that thing and any person could fall pregnant. 

He shot his load all over my wife, all over her chin and the final shot onto her tits, she dribbled his thick warm cum from her lips and it poured onto her chest and they both kept on licking up the remains as if it was Gods nectar. 

My wife wanted to ride him one last time before the night ended, his cock didn’t go down after she had come, it was still full of life as she rode him, bucking her hips back and forth, his cum dripping down her large breasts. A sight I will never forget. 


  1. nice. I am a bull and enjoy fucking hotwives who are as slutty as this

  2. A whore wife, what more could a man want?

  3. What a wild night for you. I am jealous and hard.

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