I Just Hooked Up With A Sex Kitten That I Met Online

Have any of you used Fetlife before?

For people who don’t know it’s like a BDSM version of Facebook. I started using it a few years ago to find other kinks who want to explore fetishes and fantasies.

At the start, being a guy it was pretty tough, but after sorting my profile, adding some pictures, and going on some meetups and chatrooms I started getting a lot of attention and started building friendships with fellow kinks.

It took me a few years but I’ve got to the point where I have casual hookups once to twice per week.

I’ve been used in threesomes where the husband wanted to watch me bang his wife and for cheating fantasies where the wife would go on dates with me and send pictures back to her husband.

Because I have a cock that’s on the larger side I have endless couples asking me to join in, which has become one of my favorite fantasies to help people tick off.

I’ve also had group sex, been put in chastity (not for me), and even trained a few wives to please their husbands.

I have a soft spot for domination and recently I have had a few play dates with women who love being dominated in the bedroom, one of them has become my fuck buddy and she is amazing, although very much taken.

Here she is:

I’m teaching her to be submissive and today was all about her mouth, I wanted to stretch it out and teach her how to take my full length.

She would have rather me focus on her pussy, but that’s not what today was about and no amount of showing it to me would get it fucked.

She honestly tried everything to make me go inside her, it was kind of cute, but she forgot I’m not weak like her boyfriend and if anything it just made me not want to fuck her even more.

Once she knew it wasn’t going her way I could see her get more turned on. She has the prettiest eyes and I have to admit it was hot when she looked up at me like this.

I was teaching her about teasing and asking her to show me what she would normally do.

She sucked the tip of my cock and then started licking the sides, it was pretty good, but there was room for improvement.

She then popped me back in her mouth and started running her tongue around the end of my cock, it felt amazing.

Then without breaking eye contact, she started putting me into the back of her throat.

She was still new to this so she couldn’t go too deep, don’t worry we’ve been working on it and I’ve fixed this problem since.

I just let her enjoy herself and she did just that.

At this point, it was getting hard to take pictures. I have had a lot of practice at this, but still, a good blowjob can make any man get weak at the knees.

I told her to slow down and go back to licking and make things wetter.

She did and this time her tongue was all wet and I could feel every bump on her soft tongue.

She was taking her time and she sucked, licked, and caressed my dick for at least 20 minutes.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and I had to let myself go.

She started using her hand and pointed my cock at her beautiful breasts…

She then smiled and just sat there even more horny than before.

This was our first submissive training day and in all honesty, I think she’d had a lot of practice before this as she was very good. I won’t be able to fully correct her until I try her full body out and that’s something we may be doing this weekend, thanks to her boyfriend wanting her to complete the full course with me.

I’ll let you know what happens. I have given her some homework and expect her to come back to me eager to learn more.

Part 2 is now live.


  1. Can’t wait for more, she looks like a wild yet very sexy woman.

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