I Kindly Fucked His Girlfriend For Him

I am not a bull in my real life, it was just this one time but it certainly opened me up to the idea and really showed me a whole world of fun that I was missing out on.

I met my ‘girlfriend’ when I was on vacation in the UK. I had to be there for work for a couple of weeks but it was one of the business trips I always love because I for one love the UK and secondly I love British women.

I met my ‘girlfriend’ in a bar downtown, she was with her friends and her accent was just too cute to ignore. We got talking and we hit it off, we fucked that first night, something I had never done before. She opened up to me that she was in fact a ‘hotwife’, her boyfriend liked her to go out and meet another man, he liked smelling me on her skin when she went home at night and he loved the possibility of her being pregnant.

She is kind, sweet and a real little minx in the sheets. She’s a pole dance teacher from the middle of England, single and looking for love. She knew our romance was only going to last as long as my visa and that makes me even happier than I took these pictures so that I can always remember how good she made me and my cock feel. She of course wanted a copy too, she wanted to show her real boyfriend what we got up too during my vacation to the UK and I was perfectly fine with that.

She is so good at giving head that no one woman has been able to compare since, I can’t wait to go back to the UK and fuck her again, I will be thinking about what she can do with her tongue even when I am on my death bed. Until I go back to the UK all I have are these pictures to keep me going.

We were lost in the moment and I asked if I could take this and she said ‘Sure’. Once the camera was out she was even better at giving head, how is that possible?

She told me she had never been with a guy who was circumcised before, she was perplexed by my cock, admiring it and enjoying every inch of it with her tongue. She plays with the tip of my cock and makes it beg for mercy as she uses her tongue to swirl around it, even giggling when she tastes my pre-cum.

She was teasing me here, just playing with the very tip so I tried gently pushing her head down, she choked a little but she managed to take it all.

I can’t believe I actually even have these photos. Just remembering how good her mouth felt around my cock could make me cum and make me hop right back on a flight back to the UK.

Despite only knowing each other a few weeks we fucked so many times, it was like being put under a spell whenever I saw her. She was always ready, always wearing skimpy outfits and dropping her own boyfriend at a moments notice to hang out with me.

Her riding me was incredible, she told me she had ridden horses in her youth, perhaps that’s where her incredible hip movements came from?

Feeling her rocking back and forth on my cock was sending shivers down my spine, she felt so warm and tight inside.

Her pussy wrapped around my cock like it was meant to be, she was so tight and she loved it when I played with her clit whilst she was on top of me.

We fucked slowly, enjoying each thrust, I wanted to get perfect pictures.

She told me if I came back to the UK she would let me in her ass, she had never done it before but said she would save it for me. She told me her boyfriend isn’t even allowed inside of it so I would be the first.

I love this view of her, especially when she does all of the work, using her ass to glide her wet, juicy pussy up and down my throbbing cock.

Her tits are big, despite her small frame, and seeing them bounce up and down as she was riding me sent me into overdrive. I am a boob man after all.

She slapped her own ass hard and spread her ass cheeks as she fucked me hard, I didn’t know what to do with my hands.

She loves missionary, she told me it feels always like she can cum but she has never been able to with any man. I told her to touch her clit as I slid in and out of her, feeling her tight warm pussy gripping my cock as she played with herself.

I played with her tits as she played with herself. She was moaning, in her sweet British accent, telling me how good it felt and telling me not to stop.

She kept saying ‘Oh my god, I am going to cum, please, please don’t stop’, so I didn’t, I kept my rhythm and I let her touch herself as I fucked her pussy and before she knew it she was cumming, a deep, hard orgasm erupted from her. It took everything in me not to cum inside of her at that moment.

I told her to show me her pussy, it was swollen and puffy from her orgasm and how turned on she was.

I went slowly inside of her now, I was so close to cumming, I wanted this to last forever.

She moaned louder since she had cum and she begged me to fuck her with everything I had but I told her to be patient, I didn’t want to blow my load just yet.

I pulled out just before I was going to cum and we had a little rest, I wanted to get some pictures of me fucking her from behind before I was done.

Could you deny this ass whatever it wanted?

I slid into her from behind, staring at her asshole, practically booking them return flights in my head so that I could fuck her in both holes next time.

I was trying so hard not to cum, focusing on anything except the tight pleasure staring at me and begging for me.

She spread her ass for me and my knees began to tremble, this girl was something else.

I increased my pace and began fucking her hard, she was screaming and her juices were running down her thighs. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I knew I had to cum, she got to her knees as she sensed it too and I blew my load all over her chest.

She thanked me for the cum and told me to hurry on back to England ASAP.

I didn’t see her again after that, I sent her the pictures and this is what she text me:

It was an amazing experience and as I say, it really opened me up to the bull lifestyle.

I just need to get them return flights booked.


  1. wish we could both fuck her and leave a real mess for her boyfriend to clean up

  2. The thought of her boyfriend eating her out afterwards is so hot to me

  3. Very hot indeed. If I was you I would emigrate to the UK just to be with that pussy.

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