I Cucked My Husband With My Lesbian Friend

My husband is a wonderful man. He is always open to my kinks, my ideas, and whatever I want to try, he gives it a shot.

I was nervous about bringing up wanting to bring a woman into our bedroom (rather than a man), it had always been one of my biggest fantasies and I wasn’t sure how my husband was going to react knowing that I wanted to actually fulfill it but my husband was instantly open to it and so within just a few days I had secured a date with a hot, open-minded girl and she was coming back to our place to have some adult fun.

I told her before I had even met her that I was just curious, all I wanted was sex and she was completely chilled out about everything, even with my husband being a cuckold in the room with us. In fact, she opened up to me about her love for cuckolding and I shared some of our juicy stories with her and it excited her even more. She was perfect.

I knew of her from a yoga class we both attended, we had exchanged brief hello’s and goodbye’s and she had added me on Facebook and from how open she was about being a ‘Unicorn’ (a female bull if you will) on her page I knew me reaching out to meet up with her wasn’t going to shock her nor did I think she would turn down my advances.

I thought she was really pretty and even though I am not a lesbian or bisexual, the thought of making out with her and seeing her naked body turned me on.

And so it was set, she came to our place, she met my husband and it took all of 20 minutes before we were making out and all over one another and that’s when my husband suggested that we take it upstairs.

We both lay on the bed, kissing and touching one another through our clothes. I was so excited to see her undressed and my pussy was fluttering in a way I had never experienced before. Sure, I had made out with plenty of women but I had never gotten this intimate.

My husband was extremely turned on watching us and lost in the moment we began showing off for him. I am the one in the little yellow short shorts

Crawling back onto the bed, we began undressing one another, I was more than eager to see her body and be touched by a woman so intimately for the very first time.

Kissing her felt so different from kissing my husband or any of my usual male bulls. It was softer, warmer and her lips were definitely wetter.

I was suddenly nervous, we had been making out for a while but the butterflies in my stomach were churning and the thought of having sex with this woman was making me feel like an anxious virgin all over again.

We removed our shirts and continued groping one another, her tits felt full and delicious through her bra.

She took complete control of kissing me, leading my head one way and then the other and the more she touched me, the more I began to relax again.

My pussy was fluttering with desire, desperate to see this fabulous woman naked and have some female fun for the first time in my life.

I could sense my husband having a blast watching us, I knew he would be getting off seeing me fulfilling one of my biggest turn-ons and bucket list moments.

She whispered to me if I was ready to take things up a notch and I nodded excitedly and we began undressing her, her perfect round ass on full display to not just me, but my husband too.

I had of course spanked my girlfriends playfully before but never like this. This woman’s ass was to die for and I wanted to know what was underneath that tiny pink material.

I heard my husband breathing louder as I spanked her and as she wiggled her ass, she looked incredible.

My pussy fluttered with want and I found it hard to control myself, wanting her to touch me intimately so badly.

She turned me over to look at my ass and it made me feel so sexy, she spanked me hard, making me yelp before guiding me back up to her level and kissing me.

I groped her tits, my hands pressing against the roundness of them perched against her slim chest

I had never done anything like it before but it felt so right and so sexy.

I wanted this woman so badly.

I have so much more to show you of me and this unicorn which I will do in my next submission! <3


  1. Hot and sexy!
    Luckiest husband on the planet 🙂

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