I can’t stop thinking about his BBC

He loves seeing me satisfied sexually and I’m not complaining, it allows me to explore my fantasies and most importantly; other men.

A few months ago I brought up to my boyfriend that I would like to fuck a man who was hung, dark and handsome. He gets so turned on when I share things like this with and so he set about finding the perfect man for me to play with and it’s safe to say that he came through and did exceptionally well with the man that he so lovingly chose.

Now, some people may turn their nose up at our sex life but it works for us and we both get something from it. We are very happy and eager to share something so intimate with our very favorite membership.

This was me just a few seconds before he arrived at our hotel room:

My boyfriend likes to capture everything I get up to and then masturbate to it when he is alone. It’s a kink!

The man he chose was perfect, everything I had wanted when I explained my fantasy to my boyfriend.

I wanted to use him all up and enjoy every inch of his fabulous body and so I was eager to get him undressed.

I like to be in control and this man was happy for me to show him just how I like it. My boyfriend had chosen a man with experience and understanding and I liked that.

As I pulled off his pants and he rubbed my breasts I could see an impressive bulge.

He was a great kisser and I was very excited to see what he could do to my pussy.

Seeing his cock I was very happy with it, my boyfriend had done very well with this one.

I told both men how eager I was to do this and how excited I was to fuck his big chocolate cock.

Blowing him I made sure to take him right down my throat, I wanted to taste and feel every inch of this handsome man.

My boyfriend ogled at us as I slurped on this man’s cock. I made sure to press my lips against his pubic bone and look up and smile at him, just so he knew I meant business.

My boyfriend loves seeing me blow the men he chooses, that’s his favorite part.

Seeing their cocks disappear into his girlfriends deep throat.

I began rubbing myself as I slurped on his cock, my pussy had been fluttering and I wanted to make sure she was getting the love she deserved.

My pussy ached to be fucked and as I rubbed at her, he noticed and that’s when he encouraged me to change positions so that he could help me out with his talented fingers.

He rubbed at my pussy and I moaned with his thick cock in my mouth.

I ached with desire, knowing we were going to fuck each other until we couldn’t walk.

There was so much passion between us, his cock was twitching inside of my mouth, my head bounced effortlessly against his cock as I took him straight down my throat and out again.

He liked it fast and hard and luckily so did I.

My boyfriend had chosen a really great fuck here. I do have some more pictures that he took that I want to share so keep your eyes peeled for them. This man destroyed my pussy and I think his cock might be the best that I ever had…


  1. cnt wait to see the next part. seeing this is like heaven on Earth me

  2. love seeing that cock vanish into your tight mouth

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