Hotwife Texts

We have the second installment of our private hotwife text collection coming in a month.

We have had loads of amazing couples share your text stories with us and now it's time to make them live.

The Rig Worker

I work away for months at a time in extremely isolated areas. This isn't fair on my girlfriend and instead of being one of those countless guys that I know who gets cheated on for years without knowing, I let my girl have some friends with benefits with a few rules.

Full story and background here.

A Wife’s Dream

My wife has made lots of friends in this lifestyle, she has flourished as a hotwife. She has made friends with a very kinky couple, swingers to be exact who understand and dabble in the cuckold/hotwife lifestyle. These texts are between myself and the husband who was enjoying his own wife and my wife as I sat at home hard and jealous.

The Hot Stud

These are the texts between me and my wife's bull before they met for the first time. We were teasing her bull to come and fuck her, he was rock hard talking to us and by the end desperate to come over and fuck my wife for me. My wife loves being the centre of attention and these texts were driving her wild. Once they met after this let's just say they broke our bedframe the very next week...

His obssession with my bulls cum

My cuckold husband got involved with my bull and I. No, he didn't get to fuck me, he got to clean me up after my bull was done with me, how great is that? My cuck had a wonderful time and although very new to him he did a great job. These are the teasing texts I sent to him to remind him of that wonderful afternoon.

Wishing You Were Bigger

This is what the hotwife I play with texts me and I adore her for it. Her cuckold husband has a small dick that just doesn’t satisfy her like mine does and she isn’t afraid to tell her husband that or me just how much she craves my bigger dick. She is such a little slut but I can’t get enough of her, especially when she behaves like this.

Searching For Size

The hotwife I regularly play with has been stuck with just her husband to satisfy her for a few weeks. She is desperate for a ‘proper’ cock to fuck her and make her feel good. This is what she texts me after she is done with him, I can’t wait to meet up with her soon

A bored housewife

I am a cheating wife, what can I say? When I sexted my ex and took these pictures I was in my closet so that I wouldn't get caught.

He is an ex that I think about often, in fact, my husband has jerked off numerous times as I told him about my ex and what we used to get up to in the bedroom. However, my husband has no idea that I have started talking to him again, that's why I have to text him discreetly. I was so horny and desperate to play with my ex again and these texts were the result.

A bored, wet wife

I am a cheating wife, I sexted my ex and submitted my texts here, my husband had no idea I was back talking to him, let alone getting naked and sexting him. However, if you thought that my last text submission was bad, you're going to think this is downright terrible. My husband thought he was taking some sexy pictures for our own collection, turns out I took them all for my ex.

A hole that needs filling

This hotwife that I went on a date with is a real tease. She can't get enough, she loves sex and seriously knows how to use her body. After our date, she came back to mine and we fucked, as a bull I meet a lot of hot wives but this one, she took the crown. A few hours later she texts me and well, this is what went down.

Overnight with my wife

My wife sent me these texts as she spent a weekend away with her bull. They went to a really luxurious hotel for a weekend of sex and I wasn't invited. I asked my darling wife to keep me updated and she didn't disappoint.

The Clean-Up Job

My husband and I have only recently started exploring the cuckold lifestyle. We both like to be open and honest with one another but it turns out my husband is more of a cuck than either of us realized and he loves to be degraded, humiliated, and forgotten about. He took pictures of my bull and I last time we met and I wanted to make my husband all hot and horny at the memory of it:

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